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Co-Working spaces are relatively new to the Manila office leasing scene, but with outsourcing becoming accessible at a micro-personnel level and more Filipinos are choosing to become virtual professionals, many offices in the cities of Makati and Bonifacio Global City Taguig are becoming a hotspot for co-working spaces.

If you are managing a small team in a co-working space setup, here are a number of tips for conduct and courtesy that will ensure a productive and peaceful coexistence between your staff and other cohabitants.


co-working spaces in the philippines

  1. Keep a Friendly Yet Maintain a Firm Self-Awareness Sense

Co-working spaces present a different environment compared to what we are all accustomed to when it comes to traditional offices. First is that the space is not yours and personal space extend only by an arm’s length. The space is not exclusive to you and your teammates. Unlike before, where you can all joke around and move freely in-between banter and collaborated interactions, the same cannot be said in a co-working space as there are also other people sharing the same space, albeit with a small boundary.

For you and your team, it will be prudent to respect other people’s space and be wary of the space you occupy as a group, when you interact with one another; be it for work or for friendly banter. Keeping your voice in a modulated, soft-spoken tone ensures that you are not too loud that other people might find distracting.

For the items and belongings of your team, keep them within their desks, in close proximity with your devices in order not to occupy other person’s arm-length space.



philippines co-working spaces

  1. Be Aware of You and Your Team’s Peeves

Each person in your team has peeves that can trigger a bit of disdain or irritation. When you have worked closely with your team for a number of years, you have an idea for keeping your actions well-placed, constricted in a carefully symmetric balance in order not to incur unnecessary distractions that may affect the other people working within the environment.



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  1. Keep Your Music to Yourself

Music streamed during work-hours help us get through the toughest of tasks and it is sometimes a necessary background to help us concentrate on tasks such as documents. In a co-working environment, it is common courtesy to keep our music confined within our earphones or headset. Blasting out background music will only incur complaints against you or your team.



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  1. Keep It Friendly

A little courtesy basing on common gestures such as a good morning, when the opportunity presents itself helps establish boundaries right away. Common courtesy goes a long way and it will help promote a sense of co-habitation in the co-working space.


  1. Discuss Common Misunderstanding in Civil Fashion

In a co-working environment, slight mistakes could escalate into an icy or strained relationship between the people sharing the space. When it comes to common disputes such as minor misunderstandings, stable leaders or staff to staff heartfelt discussions can help not only repair misunderstandings and it helps prevent discord.


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