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Philippines IT-BPO Remains Optimistic for 2020

The IT-BPO sector remains hopeful pending the approval of the TRABAHO (Tax Reform for Attracting Better and High Quality Opportunities) bill which seeks to lower corporate income tax rate and rationalize fiscal incentives. That is despite the industry’s slower than projected growth rates in recent years. In its yet to be released 2022 roadmap, the […]


PEZA and IT-BPM sector Want to Expand in Manila Further

Being the capital of the Philippines, Metro Manila has become the metropolis it is today. All those tall buildings, a combination of history and modernity, now house offices catering to providers to both international and local clientele. But Manila doesn’t stop there. Manila Bulletin reported that a government organization and one sector want to expand […]


Philippine BPO Seen to Grow by 7% in late 2019

Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) Chairman Benedict Hernandez said that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is expected to register a 7% growth later this year. It’s safe to say that the industry is growing even more competitive since it started to serve businesses across the globe. Are you looking at outsourcing your […]


Offshore Gaming and BPO Competing in Manila Office Take Up

Leechiu Property Consultants reported that by the end of the year, when the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOS) sector fill in an estimated 450,000 sq. m of office space in Metro Manila, it will rise as the top office space occupier in the region. This will leave the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) […]


BPO Ready Offices Seen to Have Short Supply in 2020

Administrative Order No. 18 which took effect in June effectively halted the application process of economic zones in Metro Manila. The ban affects projects meant to service the BPO sector since they are pending approval from the Office of the President. Although this move highlighted the opportunity for companies to set up offices in the […]


Non-BPO Companies Are Now Also Pushing Office Takeup in Manila

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the biggest drivers of office space growth in the country. With all the interest from other countries to outsource Philippine workforce, the developers in the country are looking at other places aside from Manila to open more offices and cater to more businesses. That is a […]

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EcoZone Ban in Metro Manila Hampering IT & BPO

The country is facing a stall in IT centers due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s ban on economic zone development in Metro Manila. According to reports, there are a total of 131 applications for information-technology centers and parks dedicated to business-process outsourcing (BPO) firms in the country. However, the current ban can be detrimental to the […]

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