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Why Seat Leasing is in Growing Demand Post Pandemic

Before the global pandemic, seat leasing was already a growingly preferred office space option for existing call center companies who needed to be able to upscale their operations quickly to meet rapidly growing customer service and other call center needs. But now, post pandemic, the seat leasing option has taken the business world by storm, […]


Office Space Trends in the Philippines in 2022

After a global pandemic that has pushed businesses to find new ways to continue operations, demand for offices spaces has now changed as companies return to the workplace in 2022. These changes in workplace preference have mainly been a result of 2 years of work-from-home setups and greater dependence on technology to address the physical […]


How to Outsource to the Philippines

The Philippine BPO industry has grown at a terrifically fast rate over the past two decades, which is why it’s not hard to see why so many businesses around the globe are choosing to outsource here. With the country’s commitment to becoming a top ranking outsource destination, it has certainly proven its capabilities, ranking now […]


The Advantages of Philippine Outsourcing in 2022

Because of the pandemic situation that the world continues to face, many businesses have quickly been turning to more efficient processes. As digital means advance, so do these means afford businesses those efficient ways to continue operations, even in the midst of a pandemic or other unforeseen situations that may occur in the future. Outsourcing […]’s_Seat_Leasing_Service!

Advantages of Serviced Offices for BPO and Offshore Teams

Serviced offices are booming post-pandemic due to apparent benefits they could provide in helping businesses rebuild after being hard-hit by the pandemic. They have especially become a popular choice among small business owners and sole traders. What are the benefits of serviced offices, and why are more businesses choosing them over permanent office spaces? We’ll […]