According to the 2022 Outsourcing Performance Report of Outsource Accelerator (OA), a marketplace for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, the Philippines received one of the highest numbers of inquiries on outsourcing.

Last year, the country ranked fifth in terms of inbound inquiries, accounting for 3.81 percent of total inquiries, indicating global businesses’ desire to establish back offices in the Philippines.

The Philippines is second only to the United States in terms of inquiries, with 43.09 percent, followed by Australia (18.11 percent), Canada (10.78 percent), and the United Kingdom (9.09 percent).

Inbound inquiries from New Zealand, India, and Ireland were all exceeded by the country. According to OA, inbound inquiries include requesting quotes, downloading a free outsourcing toolkit, and scheduling a call to inquire about BPO in a specific country.

Inbound inquiries at OA increased by 125 percent in 2022, reaching 14,663 inquiries with an estimated value of USD 857.1 million (PHP42 billion).

According to the report, these inquiries came from companies in 146 countries looking to outsource 28,570 full-time roles.

“We expect the strong trend toward remote and outsourcing services to continue into 2023, which will be reflected in web traffic and inquiries,” said OA founder and CEO Derek Gallimore.

According to the outsourcing marketplace, financial services (11.19 percent) received the most requests for full-time roles, followed by digital marketing (11%), real estate (10.08 percent), healthcare (7 percent), and software, technology, and information technology (7%). (6.96 percent).

Construction and renovation, e-commerce, education, advertising and public relations, retail, hardware, tech, and IT, transportation, manufacturing, food and beverage, recruiting and staffing, legal, entertainment, energy, hospitality, telecommunications, travel, media and publishing, non-profit organization, pharmaceutical, government, public utilities, and game development and support are among the other industries considering outsourcing.

By 2028, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines expects to generate USD59 billion in revenue.

It intends to increase revenue per full-time employee by 13% in order to expand high-skill category jobs.

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