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A functional office is comprised of the architecture, IT infrastructure and supporting features in the form of office furniture. When it comes to day to day operations, office furniture plays an important part to support all the working components of the office ranging from computers to your office staff. Normally, modern offices are equipped with furniture of various grades. In this setup, the grade and quality can make way to the standardization of function as economic furnishings can serve just as well as their luxurious counterparts.

When preparing a budget for your office furniture spending, the key factors are functionality and quality:


Your Actual Furniture Needs

Before you source an office furnishing supplier, your management team will need to determine the range of furniture you and your staff will need. A head count and a functionality requirement to support day to day requirements will determine your actual furniture needs. When it comes to cost, your main requirements should come first over luxurious features.

The number of your working staff will always equate on how many working stations you will need. If for example you own a contact centre space, storage cabinets will be needed in bulk to store your contact center equipments.


Functionality over Aesthetics

Economic modeled furniture offer affordable prices with satisfactory functionality. Just as would you expect with a regular office chair with padding, it does the job to offer comfort while working. While it may be enticing to go for the luxurious models, depending on your financial health, it may sometimes be prudent to opt for economic seating rather than the top of the line ergonomic chairs.


Comfort Matters

In going economically convenient for your furniture, you need not sacrifice comfort just to save on cost. Comfort is key to productivity, especially for your employees who work for an extended period of time. The lesser the comfort, the drop of productivity is guaranteed. Office chair features such as padding, reclining and back support are essential for seating comfort.



Determine Office Layout

When selecting or purchasing office furniture in bulk, we must first understand the strict measurements of our own office. That includes office doors, the span of the floor area and the ideal personnel capacity for each room. This will allow you to select furniture such as desks to fit your office with dimensional efficiency. This will allow you to preserve space by having office furniture that fit and are not too space consuming.

When it comes to office design and workability, keeping a spacious setting is still recommended.


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