Serviced offices are booming post-pandemic due to apparent benefits they could provide in helping businesses rebuild after being hard-hit by the pandemic. They have especially become a popular choice among small business owners and sole traders. What are the benefits of serviced offices, and why are more businesses choosing them over permanent office spaces? We’ll be covering that. But first, let’s define what a serviced office is.

A serviced office is also known as a managed office or business centre. It is a ready-furnished workspace that comes with pre-connected internet & phone lines and is equipped with devices.

The reason these spaces have become popular following the turmoil of the pandemic is for their low maintenance, easy setup and less committal short-term contracts which can be easily paused in case of another emergency like a pandemic resurgence. Part time payment plans would also allow employees to move flexibly between the office and home, allowing a hybrid setup to become feasible and economical.

As businesses have started to look more seriously into serviced offices, more benefits have become apparent as well. BPOs know about these advantages and have thus always preferred renting serviced offices even before the pandemic. Below are the major benefits serviced offices provide BPOs, offshore businesses and other businesses in a range of industries:

Flexible Leasing:

Having a permanent office space can obviously be expensive. Serviced offices on the other hand, are especially ideal for small and start-up companies, as they allow the flexibility for growth and cutbacks. Serviced offices also not only fit a smaller budget, but are so flexible in their payment terms that you can typically choose to pay rent on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.


With serviced offices, you only pay for the space you need, when you need it, which offers great cost efficiency. Serviced offices also come fully equipped with furniture and communication facilities, which means you won’t have to worry about buying these. You can literally start operations bringing just your laptop!

Access to Essential Business Facilities:

A typical serviced office will come equipped with standard facilities such as fully-staffed reception desks, kitchens, breakout spaces, cleaning and maintenance services and meeting rooms. There are no hidden costs either, so you won’t have to worry about energy bills. Budgeting your costs is a breeze when you rent a service office space.

Access to More Networking:

We know that networking is such an integral part of business. Because serviced offices are typically shared space, you get to meet other companies more easily. You will get familiar with these new companies and have the opportunity to establish great connections. It will thus be easier for you to gain new markets and exchange advice with others.


Serviced offices are ideal for a wide range of businesses and purposes, but most especially for businesses that fall under these categories:

  • Start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Companies expanding into new markets
  • Growing businesses
  • Project-based teams

The benefits listed above are the reason why BPOs and offshore teams have always preferred serviced offices over permanent office spaces. When the nature of your business or objectives requires flexibility and high cost-efficiency, serviced offices will do the job best!

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