After a global pandemic that has pushed businesses to find new ways to continue operations, demand for offices spaces has now changed as companies return to the workplace in 2022. These changes in workplace preference have mainly been a result of 2 years of work-from-home setups and greater dependence on technology to address the physical limitations that lockdowns have brought.

As workers start to demand the comforts & conveniences of home and needless commuting to work, companies are challenged to find the newest office spaces that can rival these comforts, in order to bring employees back to the office. Thus, office spaces have been undergoing upgrades to fulfill the expectations of workers in continuing the more balanced lifestyle they have enjoyed from the work-from-home setup.

Such upgrades include offering tech-forward amenities like high-speed internet and voice-activated meeting rooms, various smart office technology, and offering spaces surrounded by amenities like gyms, bike storage and coffee bars. The technological upgrades will be at par with the new & more tech-dependent business models developed during the pandemic, while a pleasant working environment complete with lifestyle conveniences would entice employees to return to the office.

Flexibility has been a key factor in the continuance of business operations throughout the pandemic, which is why most companies are looking for office spaces that foster this flexibility. Working remotely has proven to have vast benefits, not just for employees, but for businesses as well, in terms of increase in productivity and cost-cutting. Thus, companies are looking for the following from office space providers:

  • Private serviced offices
  • Long-term and short-term lease options
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Flexible offices to accommodate hybrid work

Moving forward from the pandemic, priority is now placed on health and safety in the workplaces as well. Office space providers are expected to implement strict hygiene and safety protocols to maintain a safe working experience and sense of security for all.

Office furniture is another key area that has undergone improvement, in hopes of creating an office environment that could emulate the comforts of home, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Standing desks and ergonomic furniture help improve physical and mental health, in addition to fitness classes and an office gym.

Finally, after enjoying the merits of not having to commute to the workplace during the pandemic, employees are now wary of returning to this once-common work routine. Thus, organizations have been looking towards suburban coworking spaces located near employee homes. Hybrid coworking spaces can now be found in hotels, restaurants and other stores, as establishment owners take advantage of the opportunity to find new ways to earn more income.

To conclude, 2022 is set on new work environments that will support the new business model of hybrid work (a balance between the work-from-home and office setup) and address the post-pandemic need of corporate businesses for flexible workspaces.

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