Start an offshore business in the Philippines, hassle-free!
No big up front costs. No long-winded terms.

The big players, Google and Apple, and a multitude of other companies have cut their labor costs and taxes by billions of dollars through offshoring. Whether you’re a startup or a corporation, you too can do the same with a reliable offshoring partner.


Set Up, Operate and Thrive in the Philippines

While many companies see savings on labor costs as the main driver for sending jobs overseas, other critical factors have also led our clients to venture into offshoring.

Access to Competent Skills

Cultural Compatibility

Language Skills

Digital Connection

Lower Attrition Rate

Lower Cost Base

Increased Presence in Asia

Opportunity for Scalability

Government Support

Lower Tax Rates & Tax Incentives

Looking to go offshore?

We can help you get started.

A Seamless Experience in Setting Up your Offshore Operations

Ezy Outsourcing Hub makes it easier for foreign businesses, big or small, to set up their own offshore operations in the Philippines. As one of the trusted offshoring partners of SME’s and corporations worldwide, we guarantee:

Cost competitiveness
Adequate support from the get-go
Access to a vast, educated and skilled talent pool
High English proficiency
Excellent digital connection & infrastructure
Strong affinity to the Western culture
A proven track record of successful offshoring partnerships
Transparency and high levels of personal trust

As Our Offshoring Partner, you:

Continue to own your intellectual property

Do direct selection and control of staff

Manage your team members directly

Employ long-term employees, adding value to your core team

The Philippine Advantage

In a very short period of time, the BPO industry has drastically grown from sparse call center hubs into widely diversified global outsourcing centers, which include IT-BPM (Information Technology and Business Process Management) sectors composed of customer support, customer relationship, digital agencies, software development, back office, marketing, finance and investment.

In the current fluctuating economy, US-based, Australian and European companies, vastly outsource to the Philippines to cut costs and stay competitive.


Today, the offshoring industry is growing stronger each year.  The Philippines has become the top destination for IT-BPO firms, and remains that way. Offshoring has no signs of dimming in the near future, according to market analysts.


Are you just starting up, expanding your business or moving your business to the Philippines? We can help.

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