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The Philippines and India are considered as among the top countries of the world when it comes to being a destination for IT-BPM where the world’s most recognizable businesses and tech pioneers have established operations in both countries.

During the recently held ASEAN summit in Manila, India’s Prime Minster Narendra Modi has praised the country’s capability as an IT-BPM services sector and compares the nation’s growth to his home country.

“The Philippines is a services powerhouse just as India is. And, just as in India, here in [the] Philippines also, the government wants to see change, bring about inclusive growth, develop infrastructure, and fight corruption,” Narendra Modi was quoted by the press.

With the praise, Prime Minister Modi stated that he is not surprised why top IT companies in India have also invested in the Philippines.

“No wonder so many of our top IT companies have invested here. They are creating thousands of jobs and promoting the Philippines’ services sector worldwide,” Prime Minister Modi added.

India is also considered a world leader when it comes to IT outsourcing and the growth of the nation’s capabilities in IT, Cloud Brokerage and Virtual professionals is a testament to the nation’s thousands of IT professionals and their level of proficiency when it comes to technical skills. While many see the Philippines and India as rivals when it comes to BPO, both nation’s IT-BPM sector have praised one another’s achievements and current capabilities.

For Prime Minister Modi, he acknowledges the country’s capability to pace with India’s global leadership when it comes to IT and BPO.

For the Philippines, the nation’s IT-BPM boasts of a neutral western accent for clarity when it comes to contact centre services that has been widely outsourced in the country. Businesses over the years have benefitted from the BPO workforce’s English communication skills and the skilled substitution ratio where competitive prices remain despite the economic development of the country.

Despite the projected regression of BPO services to the Philippines by as much as 9% in 2022, its IT-BPM associations have prepared several contingencies to upskill and innovate its capability to meet the changing landscape of  businesses where traditional BPO service levels are being replaced by automation guided processes. The regression is based on the notion of redundancy elimination where entry-level work such as filing will make way for smart systems. To sustain the country’s IT-BPM capability in the future, investment in human capital will entail skill upgrade on interfacing with automated systems.

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