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Upskilling of BPO Workforce Key to Coping with AI

Automation and artificial Intelligence (AI) are known to disrupt the business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines in a negative way, and local and international experts think otherwise, according to a report by the Business Mirror. These experts said the industry should not be scared of what automation could bring to millions of Filipino call […]


USPS Sees USA and PH Growth Areas in Outsourcing

Growth is eminent in the Philippines, and the news came from the United States-Philippines Society (USPS). As the USPS stated, there are growth areas found in the archipelago wherein Filipino and American companies can explore — and this can further help in strengthening the economic ties of the two countries. Along with this, USPS co-chairs […]

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Philippines Has Potential to Be Tech Sandbox

When it comes to technology, the Philippines has benefitted from knowledge and skill transfers from the many tech based enterprises that have since invested operations in the country. Through employment, training and the many certification programs that companies have invested in the direct human capital market, the number of technically skilled Filipinos has grown since […]