Because of the pandemic situation that the world continues to face, many businesses have quickly been turning to more efficient processes. As digital means advance, so do these means afford businesses those efficient ways to continue operations, even in the midst of a pandemic or other unforeseen situations that may occur in the future.

Outsourcing a company’s processes such as administrative, accounting, marketing, IT, and digital services, to name a few, has been a valuable global solution to the problem of limited physical movement. Whereas in the past, only large-scale businesses turned to outsource services for purposes of efficiency & growth, small to medium businesses are now recognising the value it can also give them in gaining a competitive edge. One of those vital benefits is having a remote workforce which leads to cost reduction, increased productivity, and wider access to qualified professionals.

2022 began with offshore services at an outstanding rate of demand as the best solution to achieving business success. In a Clutch 2021 survey, 80% of participants relied on hiring remote workers or outsourcing at least one of their business processes to save time and boost growth.

In the Philippines, the outsourcing industry continues to be one a top driver in the country’s economy. Outsourcing in the country has quickly evolved over two decades to emerge as the world’s largest and leading contact centre outsourcing destination. The BPO sector currently employs more than 1.3 million Filipinos. Ongoing technological advancements will surely reshape the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, but for this country, the future of BPO is bright, with its ability to rise to the changes & new challenges, using its historical performance in BPO as an indicator.

Why do most businesses around the globe prefer offshoring in the Philippines? Below are some of the major reasons:

  • Large reduction in overhead & operational costs due to the country’s low cost of living
  • Increased efficiency. In today’s technological age, we are becoming aware that the only way for business to thrive into the future is through digital solutions.
  • Improved service quality due to the educational attainment, high English literacy rate and intimate knowledge of Western culture that Filipino workers possess over other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Time-savings. One of the biggest reasons to outsource is to save time and therefore increase an organisation’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Greater focus on business core competencies. With much time saved from outsourcing business processes, companies are better able to focus on core business objectives that lead to greater revenue generation.
  • Easier scaling of the organization as the business grows. The digital solutions that BPO providers offer make it easier for companies to scale up or down in various departments easily and as needed at any time, resulting in high efficiency and cost savings.


The business landscape has changed drastically due to continued technological advances. There is no doubt that digital solutions are quickly taking over traditional methods, and businesses who can’t cope with these changes will be left behind soon into the future. The good news is that as demand for BPO solutions continues to grow, so does its affordability to SMEs who wish to leverage their business with competitors and even the bigger players in their industry.

If you wish to learn more about how outsourcing solutions in the Philippines can help your business thrive well into the future, get in touch with us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. As an offshore solutions provider with years of experience in Philippine remote worker hiring, office leasing, and a range of other BPO solutions, we can assure you the easiest, most convenient solutions to starting your operations in the Philippines. We’re with you every step of the way to greater growth.