Business Process Outsourcing or BPO has been growing rapidly over the past two decades, and it’s not hard to see why. The leading reason why businesses prefer outsourcing is because of its cost efficiency. But additionally, BPO has only grown stronger through the years for its ability to give businesses a competitive edge within their respective industries, offering companies greater time efficiency and leverage in technology.

As one of the world’s fastest growing industries, BPO always faces the challenge of continuous innovation and changes. New trends like upgrade on software or newly released technologies emerge every year. Thus, businesses owners need to stay updated on the latest trends in this sector to maximise their resources.

Offshore outsourcing in the Philippines in particular has been emerging in the past decade as one of the most sought-after choices in the industry, and recently, the Philippines has now claimed its title as the world’s largest and leading contact centre outsource destination.

Why do businesses prefer the Philippines over other countries as their outsource destination? It is mainly due to workforce capabilities. Filipino workers have one of the highest English literacy rates in Southeast Asia, possess a neutral accent that is easy to understand when communicating verbally, and are highly educated. Also, because of the low cost of living in the Philippines, Filipino workers generally demand lower wages. Packaged together, these attributes make Filipinos a desirable candidate to Western companies like the US, UK and Australia for outsourced services.

As 2022 pushes forward and the pandemic hopefully behind us all now, it’s definitely a good time for businesses to get back on track. BPO has been able to help many companies by a milestone in adjusting their processes and surviving the pandemic, despite also being hit like other industries during the tough period. Having acted as a business lifeline throughout the pandemic, BPO has now become a serious resource for many, as its capacity to leverage businesses with its technologies and workforce solutions have just levelled up the game.

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