If you’re a growing company, whether you run a small or larger business, outsourcing services can be the competitive advantage you need to get ahead. Why? Because many businesses fail to thrive, simply out of the inability to handle growing company tasks efficiently and productively as a result of relying on just in-house resources to fulfill all tasks.

When you hire a reliable outsource or third-party service provider, you not only lessen your company burden, but become much more efficient as well, which results in increased cost-efficiency and productivity in the long run.

One particular outsource solution that has gained much popularity with businesses over the years is offshoring. Offshoring means getting your outsourced services done in another country, where labour and facilities costs and office leasing are usually lower, and time zone differences serve as an advantage for making your services run round the clock.

Philippine BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is one offshoring sector that has gained top ranks for such cost benefits, without compromising the quality of services rendered. With a majority of the country’s citizens bearing high English-speaking abilities and a neutralized accent that makes communication with them easier than with cultures who have a stronger accent, the Philippines has made a steady mark as the top outsource destination in the world in the last decade.

Here are the main benefits of offshoring that may help you make your decision about this type of service:


Labour cost is one of the biggest expenses of a business. When you offshore, you substantially decrease your investment in labour, freeing up your capital to be utilized for the expansion of your services instead. In this way, you are working more greatly toward business growth, rather than just regular cost maintenance.

Access to Staff:

Finding local talent can be very challenging due to its limitations. Offshoring on the other hand, gives you access to a much wider pool of talent. These days, you don’t have to worry about the English competency level of workers in other countries either. As mentioned above, countries like the Philippines have a very high literacy rate and work qualifications that equal the standards of those in Western countries when it comes to knowledge-based functions.

Greater Service Availability:

Time zone differences can work to your advantage when you choose to offshore. While your business closes for the day, you can have your staff awake and ready to work on the other side of the globe where it’s daytime. But even without time zone differences, outsourced services give you the option of having 24/7 service, just because outsource providers have a wide access to a pool of talent that can deliver your specific objectives. When you can run your business 24/7, you of course gain good marks with your customers, who are constantly looking for the most convenient ways to be provided service to.


If you’re worried about not having enough control when you outsource your operations offshore, you can rest assured that this isn’t the case. Offshore services are very flexible, which means you provide the direction, train the staff, and have everything done according to your objectives. So the key to control is being clear on your objectives and how you want to execute your processes.

We hope these benefits of offshoring have enlightened you on its potential advantages for your business. If you’d like to learn more about offshore services in the Philippines and seat leasing as an office space option, get in touch with us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. We’ll give you a free consultation.

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