Traditional remote staffing includes the specialized recruitment of a dedicated staff that will collaborate with a business virtually. The forms and functions may differ and it ranges from assistant-based tasks, digital marketing or simply an e-telephone receptionist that will take calls and arrange meeting schedules with a client.

In the emerging outsourcing economy where virtual staffing as a service (VSaaS) is concerned, companies such as Ezy Outsourcing Hub have combined Remote Staffing and Seat Leasing in a “plug and play” function for businesses that are looking to expand their processing capabilities or intake a specialized function for a number of projects.

Under this setup, businesses can quickly establish a dedicated support team that is offshore based but are under the guidance of Ezy Outsourcing Hub’s performance monitoring team in order to maintain not only productivity but also handle their HR administration and payroll needs such as timekeeping.


Specialized Recruitment and Equipment

In the case where the business needs a specialized professional to service a particular task or project, Ezy Outsourcing Hub’s recruitment team and procurement specialists can help set up the necessary equipment in order to bring in a specialized professional under your account and for that specialist to quickly assimilate with your working cycle – equipped with the necessary hardware and software to be productive:

  • High Performance enabled PC units
  • Specialized PC with specific software needs
  • Hardware and Computer Peripherals
  • IP Phone and Teleconferencing enabled workstations

We guarantee a business-grade environment to house your offshore team with the many serviced offices under our partnership with providers. Through a co-management setup, your stable of professionals will be under our performance monitoring team in order to ensure productivity and key delivery of tasks for projects.

Staffing to Support Business Expansion

When it comes to expanding your offshore team under our stable, our specialized recruitment team can tap into a market with a diverse range of technical, business, marketing and IT qualifications to welcome to your team.

Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers specialized recruitment of professionals with our remote staffing solutions that can help businesses bolster their project delivery capabilities. To inquire, call us today 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email

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