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The Serviced office model by real estate companies has changed how businesses are able to quickly invest in starting offshore operations in their preferred city or area. Serviced offices are more than just a real estate tenancy option as it also presents a service model that is contained within its process of procurement and contract agreement.

When investing in a particular country or city, businesses traditionally either purchase a full-scale office or lease for long term. It is an old process that is practiced for decades and it has its share of delays ranging from real estate brokerage and the logistics involved in the formation of an office to house operations. Through the introduction of the serviced offices model, businesses are quickly able to procure a partitioned office or selected seating that is ripe for moving-in, within 48 hours from the struck leasing agreement.

Ezy Outsourcing Hub’s Serviced Offices

Ezy Outsourcing Hub, a trusted gateway service for businesses, is utilizing the serviced office model to work alongside our turnkey services such as company registration services, outsourcing solutions, offshoring setup and virtual staffing in order to better streamline client experience in helping clients – whom are mostly foreign based businesses, set up offshore operations in the Philippines.

With over 31 locations in Manila’s premiere and strategic locations to host business growth, we help businesses establish an office that is fully-equipped with the necessary functions and features to support operations:

  • Business grade broadband
  • Desks and Workstations
  • Server Co-Location
  • Customized PC specification with requested software

We understand that each client operations often require a unique setup from network configuration, office partitioning and work computer specifications. Ezy Outsourcing Hub aims to quickly facilitate and procure such requirements so each client, when they move in, is fully-equipped with the hardware, software and network configuration to support their operations.

Combining Serviced Offices with Turnkey Services

In combining our serviced offices procurement for each client, our turnkey solutions help support the growth of outsourced or offshore operations:

  • Co-Management of the Operations – Our managerial team helps set up the pilot program and establish an operations routine based on business requirements where business objectives are aligned and Performance Indexes (PI) are closely tracked.
  • Specialized Recruitment – Our recruitment team can procure and recruit specialized professionals or hire a dedicated team to form a function as a department.
  • HR & Payroll – Through our HRIS platform, we establish an HR role and attend to the team’s payroll as well as daily timekeeping for attendance in order to maintain department productivity.


From Charter Entry to Pilot Program

For companies that are looking at establishing an operations centre in the Philippines, Ezy Outsourcing Hub is here to assist their transition from entry towards the pilot program.  Our services now utilize the serviced offices under our network in order to set a platform for launching the offshore or outsourced operations set up.

To get started contact Ezy Outsourcing Hub Today: call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email

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