Outsourcing has been a key player in helping businesses of all sizes to grow and become what they are today. Through the years, outsourcing has slowly earned the trust of non-believers. These now-converts are now part of the wave of businesses who—without a second thought—proudly share how outsourcing helped them grow.

Even though a lot of businesses reaped the benefits, this strategy also has disadvantages. And between these disadvantages are challenges that every business will come across. But don’t fret; there are ways on how to work around such dilemmas.


Cultural, time and language differences

Since outsourcing is hiring a third-party team to work on specific tasks with the business, there is a chance of having to work with a different culture at the same time timezone. This where adjustment comes along since these factors may cause discrepancies. An example is having the main office in the United States while having the accounting department in Hong Kong. There is a 13-hour difference, wherein Hong Kong Is ahead of Washington, DC in the United States. So, whenever Hong Kong needs to contact the main branch, they will need to adjust their shift that will align to the US Branch. And, in terms of culture and language, since there are accents and specific choice of words, there can be misunderstandings that can happen from time to time.


Brand attachment

As a company, there are specific processes to be followed and secrets to be kept. A company’s brand is sensitive information, and there are companies who do not want to share this to other people. From color brand to customer services, every interaction that happens is crucial in the image and how a business delivers customer service. But, once a company hands the information, assets and tasks, it is up to the outsourcing team to make things work and make it worthwhile.



Sometimes, there are companies in need of tutoring services. However, there is a number of companies do not offer around-the-clock tutoring services for their clients. Inserting timezone in the equation, companies can have a hard time contacting the outsourcing company for questions and tutoring services on how to get started.

With the mentioned challenges, companies are having a hard time in deciding whether they should outsource or not. Every interaction with customers is important to make a lasting positive impression, and information the company has is sensitive and confidential. Once these are not handled properly, then the company will also be liable while experiencing a ruined image from customers.

Companies should work with outsourcing companies and vice versa in order to harmonize in services and agreements. On the other hand, outsourcing should be able to provide skilled and trustworthy employees to promote confidentiality and foster the relationship between company and outsourcing company. For businesses looking for an outsourcing company, understand outsourcing better with a trusted outsourcing provider. Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers outsourcing solutions that make outsourcing easy for any business, any size with its accessible outsourcing solutions. Call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email to get started.

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