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The Future of Remote Work Recruitment

Before the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote jobs were already experiencing steady growth, often for their ability to provide companies with freelance and contractual workers with the right qualifications for specific jobs despite geographical distance. The pandemic occurrence, however, only served to push this growth even further, when companies had to devise ways to […]


Combining Seat Leasing and Remote Staff Outsourcing for Businesses

Traditional remote staffing includes the specialized recruitment of a dedicated staff that will collaborate with a business virtually. The forms and functions may differ and it ranges from assistant-based tasks, digital marketing or simply an e-telephone receptionist that will take calls and arrange meeting schedules with a client. In the emerging outsourcing economy where virtual […]

Will Co-Working Spaces Overtake Serviced Offices?

At first, the whole concept of working alongside someone you don’t know and doesn’t belong to the same office can be really terrifying and uncomfortable. Now, it has become the latest trend, especially among startups, and has garnered as a spotlight into becoming one of the best strategies for saving on costs and meeting new […]