vacant serviced office space

Before the global pandemic, seat leasing was already a growingly preferred office space option for existing call center companies who needed to be able to upscale their operations quickly to meet rapidly growing customer service and other call center needs. But now, post pandemic, the seat leasing option has taken the business world by storm, with companies across many industries seeking this office space option as well for startup operations. Why? Because of the many cost and efficiency advantages that seat leasing has over traditional office spaces, which a lot of companies are now coming to realize!

Let’s start by defining what seat leasing is. Seat lease or seat rental allows businesses to rent seats or office space for their employees. Seat lease spaces are fully equipped with furniture and facilities including workstations with a PC, monitors, internet connection, VOIP equipment, desk & chair, air conditioning, and availability of conference rooms & a lunch area; which means you can literally walk into the office any day, and you’re ready to work. It is an alternative to the costlier and more time consuming option of renting a full office space, especially if you don’t need that much space to start off with.

With that said, below are some of the key advantages of seat leasing, particularly in helping businesses recover more quickly from the effects of the pandemic:

  • Seat Leasing is Ideal for Startups:

Seat leasing provides uninterrupted communications and a more conducive working environment. It can provide quick access for remote teams through affordable options. What’s more is that compared to the tight agreements of permanent office spaces, seat leasing provides a monthly open contract to allow flexibility. You can choose to rent more or less space as needed (scalability) or move out of the space at any time after each monthly contract.

  • Customizable Solutions:

Seat leasing is available to all kinds and sizes of business. It is typically customizable to suit your company’s individual needs. Such customizable solutions include:

  • State of the art facilities to accommodate your particular business requirements
  • Complete setup of facilities like PC setup, air conditioning, free electricity & water, and reliable internet connection
  • 24/7 administrative support and office access exclusive only to your company’s teams
  • High data safety and security


Without the need for costly and time-consuming office setup of needed furniture and facilities (especially IT facilities, which can be a pain to establish), and without the need for long-term contracts, businesses are finding much advantage to the seat leasing option in starting operations in the workplace once again.

In addition, since we are just coming out of a pandemic but are not quite fully out yet, many businesses are hesitant to put their money into establishing a permanent office space and spending more than they need to during a period that is still unstable. Seat leasing provides businesses with the capacity for more efficient operations & growth, while being more cost-effective than renting a permanent space and ensuring the security that comes with a less committal lease contract.

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