For organizations that have not tried outsourcing or remote staffing, working with someone they don’t see is frightening and full of risks. But, looking through a different lens, hiring a remote staff does not purely bring detrimental risks to the company. These risks also provide benefits to grow your company. Well, if the trust is placed on the right outsourcing company.

Ezy Outsourcing Hub is your gateway to outsourcing. We have remote teams that help companies achieve flexibility, increased productivity, reduced costs, and skilled talents, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic that placed countries into lockdown and businesses into a standstill.


Skilled Talents

Companies often find it challenging to look for talents that fit their criteria in their local area. So, opening hiring options to offshore candidates increases the chances of acquiring talented employees. Ezy allows organizations to tap into a pool of skilled professionals who bring different perspectives and solutions, innovation, creativity and increased productivity, high-quality results to the table.


Reduced Costs

Hiring remote staff helps organizations save money on operational costs. Instead of opening other offices in different locations, organizations can contact a remote staff company, such as Ezy, to build the team and house it. Save up to 65% on overhead expenses, including wages, office rent, and workstations.



Ezy makes the remote team scalable. The decision is up to the organization based on their growth. Add people to increase production or downsize it quickly without hassle.


Full Management

You call the shots. Despite located miles away from the physical office, organizations can always communicate directly with staff and fully manage employees.


Time Zone Coverage

Remote staff operations are aligned with clients’ timezones, removing communication gaps along the way. Without communication gaps, task discussions are seamless and transparent; therefore, creating a collaborative and cost-efficient work environment.


Easy Transition

Starting a remote staff is simple and easy through Ezy Outsourcing — all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll handle the rest. From sourcing the best talents that fit your requirements up to helping you in managing office operations, we got you covered.

We’ve got a team ready for you! Reach out to us to know more about our outsourcing solutions philippines and how we can help make your business goals a reality during these unprecedented times. Call +61 419 200 663 (AU) / +63 947 193 0986 (PH) or email for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.