With the world combating the spread of COVID19 across the most densely populated cities, property managers and office providers are also doing their part to help suppress the spread of the infectious disease.

A repertoire of disinfectant practices and sanitation procedures from property managers are more vital than ever. Serviced offices are equipped and ramping up their efforts in maintaining the health and safety of their environments:


  1. Disinfecting Facilities Routinely

Serviced offices employ trained personnel in maintaining the hygienic conditions of the facilities. As a response to the growing concerns about the spread of diseases such as COVID19, these serviced offices are ramping up their activities in disinfecting the premises of their property that includes the area of reception, it’s meeting rooms, the various offices of it’s tenants and the comfort room. For tenants, they are assured that the property management team are doing their utmost to keep the office in the best hygienic conditions.


  1. Sanitation

Serviced offices are known for their reputation in keeping their facilities clean for presentation and as a commitment to their tenants. From the shared kitchen to the comfort rooms, these facilities are constantly being sanitized to maintain a healthy and productive environment.


  1. Premise Screening

As a security measure for the health of its staff and its tenants, service office providers are equipping their security personnel with the screening apparatus to screen possible carriers of infections. The screening process is based on thermal checks on the body temperature and this is in compliance with the building or city’s health procedures as emergency procedures to people who are experiencing symptoms of flu and such.


  1. Encouraging Better Hygiene

Information is power and it is potent in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases. Property managers are constantly reminding their tenants and staff to observe hygienic practices that were prescribed by medical doctors in order to avoid being infected. More so, serviced offices are equipped with sanitizers, anti-germ soap and HVAC units that feature air purification formulas that can help kill air-borne contagions.

The Coronavirus infection has been upgraded as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and efforts to fight against it’s spread must be intensified and reinforced in the future by property managers and health officials in the many cities of the world. Round the clock routine of sanitation and disinfectant practices will help contain infectious diseases in the future.

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