BPO Philippines 2020 and beyond

The global market for shared and outsourcing services is evolving under the influence of innovative technology that is changing the nature of the Business to Customers (B2C) model. For the country like the Philippines that has a rich history and still thriving destination for allocating customer service and support as roles, the new landscape that places more emphasis on the “experience model” of the customers offers new opportunities for the Philippines. The country is equipped with multi-tasking linguists whose age brackets are within the up and upcoming below 30s and with such median, the workforce can mature with the new landscape.

According to the Everest Group Global Sourcing Partner H Karthik and in citing the study entitled: “Philippines at the Helm of Delivering Customer Experience of the Future,”, the Philippines has a “unique opportunity” to adapt, innovate and become influential in the upcoming changes within the next decade.

Despite the upheaval of industry automation and robotics – where the country was projected to be losing its global “IT-BPM” status and revenue, the truth is much more consequential rather than a trajectory as the country must indeed adapt to the change and not to remain obstinate with its current IT-BPM service models that are operating in the country.

Given the opportunities and the willingness of the country’s IT-BPM industry to adapt, “This will propel the Philippines to be at the helm of shaping future customer experience,” said Karthik as noted in the  Business Mirror paper in a conference organized recently by the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

The Change is Now

The IT-BPM industry that is headed by alliances such as Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) and Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) are well aware of the looming changes and has called out the need to adapt in transition from the existing model and make way for the future service models.

While many ascribe automation and artificial intelligence as agents of downfall, the CCAP and IBPAP sees it as a paradigm shift of business needs and there is no call to resist as such transition requires observation and contingencies as preparation.

With the advancement on robotics and big data processing through computers, the human interface will not be discarded within the process as many would believe. Instead, human insight and decision making will still be critical in order to navigate, operate and manage the automated process and artificial intelligence of systems.

This is where calls for equipping the the human capital of the local IT-BPM with new skills aimed at co-existing and managing the smart systems of tomorrow as automation will render many manual or redundant positions ineffective and ultimately unnecessary.

Future Proofing IT-BPM in the Philippines

Currently, the IT-BPM industry offers a young workforce population that is exposed and well-versed with technologies such as omni-channel and systems. This is a strong foundation for strengthening the human capital with new skills to meet not only the jobs of tomorrow, but also the business requirements of tomorrow where the applied human interface will still be very integral for success of the setup.

In preparation for the new landscape involving automation, the IT-BPM industry must also pioneer the movement as well. This involves the vision to better the blueprint and the innovation derived from the challenges within the current and future setup of these upcoming platforms. In staging the environment and teaching new skills, the local IT-BPM industry is laying the next layer in its foundation as a global destination for outsourcing or offshoring services.

Under the IBPAP’s roadmap, the country is aiming for a $38.9 billion by end of year 2022.

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