The country’s IT-BPO industry aims to become a $40-billion industry by the year 2022. As of this writing, the industry is working on a review of its roadmap that includes information on revenue growth and job projections for the next three years. The roadmap is expected to be completed this month.

It is safe to say that now is a good time to explore outsourcing solutions Philippines considering that the industry is gearing up to reach greater heights for itself and the various other businesses it supports. Even so, we also acknowledge the fact that for some entrepreneurs who are used to wearing different hats, outsourcing is a move that is easier said than done.

If you have not tried to outsource your non-core business functions, allow us to tell you that sometimes, the best strategy entrepreneurs can apply is to ask for help when they need it. That being said, below is our advice on how you can transition from doing everything on your own to delegating tasks to a competent team.


  • Acknowledge your strengths but respect your limitations.

You are just one person and you cannot possibly do everything. Understand that you may hurt your business by spreading yourself too thin.


  • Identify the areas outside of your expertise.

By all means, assign to yourself the tasks you can handle very well. As for the rest, let your outsourced workforce use their knowledge, expertise, and experience to meet if not exceed your business’ exacting demands.


  • Lead the way.

Giving up total control of your daily operations may be scary. You can, however, tell your outsourced team how you want to get things done. You can draft a step by step guide, supply the spiel, forward a list of contractors or specify your preferred software to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


  • Find the right people.

Ask your business partners, employees, family members, friends, friends of friends for their recommendations. Once you get the leads, you need to carefully screen your prospects. You may not share the same office space as your outsourced workforce. Then again, they are as important to your business as your in-house staff.

You can inch closer to your business goals faster with the help of other people. Should you need expert assistance on matters concerning outsourcing solutions Philippines, let us know through these channels: (PH) +63 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or contact@ezyoutsourcinghub.com. We will be more than willing to be of help.

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