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In the early 90s, the transition to outsourcing and offshore operations featured an IT obstacle in the form of connecting mainframe counterparts of the central operation and the offshoot location. Before the boom of the internet in the Y2K decade that heralded the information age, server mainframe structure was the defining computing architecture which was essential to support large-scale enterprises.

The mainframe architecture had its known weaknesses and those were the disruptive factors that lead to the development of cloud computing architecture that would enable greater mobility and agility when it comes to resource allocation.

With cloud computing, the transition to outsourcing and offshore operations becomes a matter of plug and play where information systems that support the VoIP channels and resource allocation services become a functional eco-system due to the cross-compatibility of information systems featured by enterprises.


Cloud Computing and Global Outsourcing

As cloud computing technology became global and its standards become an architecture which is now deemed as necessary for efficient information and computing management by the enterprise, the global market for outsourcing when it comes to service channels and service platforms have also seen its share of democratization. Cloud computing essentially allowed the growth of the outsourcing industry due to the cloud’s features that support VoIP, real time collaboration and information systems being able to operate seamlessly as per cross-integration.

With the cloud, outsourcing and offshore operations have also become viable for small companies and startup companies, as service channels like sales, customer service, customer support and fixed role solutions are portable through the plug and play setup.

Under the plug and play principle, businesses are able to select highly specialized roles or a fixed scope of work instead of a whole department. The results are outsourcing services done at a micro-level scope as oppose to the traditional large-scale outsource operations.


Cloud Computing for Startup Companies

The success of the startup scene in recent years is due to its innovative culture where smaller, hungrier startup businesses are driven by innovation and are shedding away the traditional image where startups were seen as just the cheaper and smaller version of most established brands.

With cloud computing, startup companies have the same access to systems, software and solutions that big businesses feature in their operations.


Outsourcing for Startup Companies

For a streamlined and efficient operation, startup companies now have the option to outsource administration and several functions under the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service clusters. The common startups feature a two to five founder setup. It includes the dynamic duo who share a vision that serves as the foundation of the business. The rest of the team are essential managers who share a workable skillset needed to further develop the business into growth scenarios. Startups fail to launch if they are either bogged down with too many administrative tasks. It cuts away time needed for strategy and business development that leads to many missed opportunities.

With outsourcing, it is both a solution and a service that fulfills end to end administration tasks done in an efficient manner. It alleviates the core team from tedious clerical work.


Scalability Options with Outsourcing by Cloud

With the combination of cloud computing and an outsource setup, startup companies can scale their outsourced services depending on the stage of growth. From an ideal starter scenario of outsourcing micro roles to support administration towards scaling with more business needs such as crunching analytics or ramping up marketing collateral production, outsourcing can scale with your requirements to either help hack your growth or support it.


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