The Philippines is known to have the slowest internet speed compared to its Asian neighbors, but that is not stopping the country to continue business. According to a report by Cebu Daily Daily News, business in the information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) industries will carry on and local stakeholders expressed their belief in the government’s plans and effort in improving internet connectivity and speed, which are rolling out more telecommunications infrastructure and letting other Telco companies enter the market.

Cebu Innovation Council (CIC) President Paulo Uy said more people will be able to feel the archipelago’s problem with regards to connectivity since the number of mobile users is increasing.

“The state of mobile service in the Philippines needs a lot of improvement. I do hope that the third Telco (Telecommunications Company) will help improve it,” he told Cebu Daily News.

Meanwhile, according to the latest State of LTE report, which is a crowd sourced survey by OpenSignal, there is seen improvement on the availability of 4G internet and speed in the Philippines during the fourth quarter of 2017. However, the findings show the Philippines is still lagging behind its neighbors in Southeast Asia.

Out of 88 countries, the archipelago was in the 75th place under the 4G availability, while having 85th out of 88 countries regarding LTE speed even though the country experienced improvements in internet speed in the third quarter in 2017, which was from 8.24 megabits per second (Mbps) to 9.5 Mbps in the fourth quarter last year, according to an Inquirer report.

The immediate past president of CIC, Michael Cubos, also shared the same sentiments from Mr. Uy, saying there are a lot of improvements in speed and connectivity the country has to undergo.

“Effective infrastructure, government legislation and regulations play a big role. It will not happen overnight but I believe it will be better next year,” he said.

“Given the current direction of the government in terms of infrastructure, introduction of a new Telco player, common tower plan, and advancement of technology, it is going to be better for sure,” added Cubos, who is the managing director of homegrown BPO company Performance 360 Global Services Inc.

The Philippines have been considered as a hotspot for outsourcing and offshoring since it provides lesser costs and English-fluent employees. However, in terms of connection, the country has been seen as one of the least in performance, and that will change since there have been upgrades and changes planned and made for the benefit of having faster internet connection.  Explore the Philippines and experience cost-efficient outsourcing solutions with Ezy Outsourcing Hub. Have readily available manpower who are fluent in English and knows how to adapt in different cultures while having a main office outside the country. For interested businesses, call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email

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