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Planning and choosing on which office space to move into is already a tedious process, but actually doing what is planned is more demanding and time-consuming. To solve this everyday problem of businesses, Ezy offices offers premium offices within prime locations within the metro, providing office spaces that attract growth and motivation among employees and clients.



Moving into a new office is a tedious process — and often the main topic of office horror stories because of the possible things that could go wrong in the process. Imagine planning the whole moving out, and then it all goes wrong mid halfway, with situations like supplies won’t be transferred, or there are emergency tasks needed to be resolved.

There’s also the turning point wherein businesses will get to choose which type of office they’re going to get. Fortunately, there are more choices than before, which are the traditional office space or flexible working spaces.


Traditional VS Flexible Office Space Setting

Facility Costs

The main points that businesses are looking for are prime locations that are still aligned with their budget. When it comes to traditional office spaces, tenants get to pay for facilities they don’t always use. As a tenant, you’ll need a boardroom for important meetings, but you won’t be using this facility every day. However, since you’re leasing from a traditional office space, you have to pay the fee even though you only used it once or twice.

As for the flexible office space setting, tenants will only need to pay on how many hours you’ll be using the boardrooms or other facilities for that matter. If you only used the boardroom for two hours this month, then you will only be charged for the supposed two hours.



Aside from costs, another major problem of a business transferring to a new location is the downtime and how long before the process finishes. Moving all of your equipment to a new location is a hassle and definitely time-consuming. The amenities and furniture that perfectly fits your old office space may not look good with the new one, causing problems for your office aesthetics in the space itself.

Ezy Offices offers fully-equipped office spaces that are fully operational and ready to be used; all that is needed is for you to sign the contract, pay the necessary fees, and show up for work.


Office Lease Contracts

Getting contracts for both offices come in different terms. For traditional office spaces, providers offer contracts on a fixed timeline. On the other hand, flexible offices commonly work in a plug-and-play nature, wherein tenants can stay on how long or how short they want to, providing them freedom in evaluating their business scaling it up or down. Moreover, flexible office spaces, such as Ezy offices, include furnishings and facilities to the contract, including everything in one billing per month.

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