There are current difficulties for businesses who wish to penetrate Mindanao due to the ongoing Marshall Law. However, the Metro is currently getting large takeovers strictly allocated for office spaces, opening new office leasing services. For businesses looking for a trusted philippines offshoring solutions, Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers offices in prime locations that are fully equipped with the latest technology and furniture to start work immediately.




The Philippines may be considered as an outsourcing haven, but incoming companies are finding a hard time to set up shop in the second largest island in the country — Mindanao. According to, Leechiu Property Consultants, a private real estate brokerage services in the country, said it’s because of the Marshall Law. Despite the drive of businesses to start their operations, they were not able to, CEO David Leechiu said.

“I guess the only problem in Mindanao right now is the issue of martial law and security, or the perception of security,” he said via “There’s a lot of office space coming into the market in Davao [and Cagayan de Oro], but the tenants cannot go because of the martial law.”

Mindanao has been under the Martial law since May 23, 2017, due to the reason of the “rebellion” that happened, which is the events of the rampage brought by State (IS)-allied militants to Marawi City last year. The declaration has already experienced numerous extensions all for the purpose of totally eradicating Islamic State-inspired terror groups, and is expected to end at the end of this year. cited that it’s not clear whether only new businesses are experiencing a roadblock of starting their operations in the region due to Martial Law or also includes other businesses as well. Although that’s the case, Mr Leechiu revealed their biggest client in Davao was able to expand its operations.

In the Philippines, the BPO industry is known to be one of the biggest drivers of investments in the country. There have been challenges, but the country was able to bounce back all thanks to the cooperation of the government and other organisations through the tax reform program and more incentives.

Moreover, the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, the office takeover is growing at a fast pace. Just this September, Leechiu revealed a recorded 1.4 million square meters in total office transactions.

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