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Working in a serviced office has many benefits for businesses that are still in the phase adapting to the sudden changes in their sales, which is often experienced by small businesses and startups. Ezy Offices offer premier office spaces that offer top-notch equipment, facilities, and technologies to help boost business operations. Get the best seats in the central business district, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email contact@ezyoutsourcinghub.com.



Serviced offices are a huge difference with the traditional office setting. Among the big differences are the payment schemes and package inclusions.

Flexible Payments

First, the payment schemes are made easy and flexible for tenants, with its per-use-and-monthly-basis billing system wherein tenants will only need to pay the hours they used an add-on and a monthly fee for the serviced office. Second, the package inclusions already have what a business needs in an office; and all that is left is for the employees to show up to work.

Competitive Cost

But aside from the overflowing benefits and advantages of serviced offices, Ezy also helps boost outsourcing & offshore operations of our tenants. The most conspicuous boost is the drop in operating costs. In leasing a serviced office, there is a fixed price written on your monthly bill. Each month, you already have the idea of how much you’re going to pay for the billing scheme of serviced offices already includes everything — from utilities to maintenance.

With this payment scheme, tenants are able to budget their money properly every month save more because rates in the Philippines are lower than other areas. Moreover, the Philippines are fostering outsourcing, providing incentives to businesses that outsource in the country, such as tax incentives and salary bonuses.

Community of Businesses

A common setting of a serviced office is that there are various offices on one floor. These offices come in different layouts and sizes to accommodate different business types and sizes. Since there are many offices on the floor, tenants can create rapport with each other, whether on a personal or business level. There are many common areas in serviced office floors, producing many opportunities for tenants to meet and greet each other.

Prime Locationezy offices - serviced offices

Working in a prime location is already a huge plus, particularly for startups and small businesses. But, serviced offices also have top-notch facilities and technology to aid tenants in their operations. These add-ons may cost more than what’s offered upfront but are still cost lower if businesses are going to buy their own, especially if they not sure of the business’ future.

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