seat leasing

Seat leasing is the practice of renting desk spaces offered by BPO companies. These providers have already invested time and money in the sourcing, implementation, and maintenance of the materials needed to conduct online work so that contractors can easily start their offshore operations.

If you are looking to lease office seats for your start-up or growing company, you should first learn more about the industry. In this article, we have listed some useful information for you to find out if office seat leasing is the right move for your business.

How Seat Leasing Started

There is no concrete evidence to prove who really started the practice of seat leasing. However, its growth in popularity can be credited to the recession that occurred in the western economy.

It was during this time that companies in the US and the UK started to outsource their business needs to developing countries, such as the Philippines and India, to reduce costs. This step helped them survive and continue growing their businesses.

Benefits of Seat Leasing

This practice can provide you with various benefits, whether you have a start-up or an established company. Here are some advantages you can enjoy with office seat leasing:

Fully Functional Workspace

Choosing to lease office seats will save you the hassle of obtaining and arranging the various materials that you would need for your workspace. Seat leasing service providers already have functioning facilities that you can enjoy, such as a stable internet connection, workstations, conference rooms, and a pantry, right after you move in.


Seat leasing provides you with the freedom to upsize or downsize your business without any hassle. You can easily add to or reduce the seats you are leasing depending on your business’s requirements at a given time.

Lower Costs

When you choose to lease office seats, you can save money because all the things you need for your workspace will be provided by the BPO company you are working with. Additionally, you do not have to pay much for overhead costs and utilities, such as water and electricity, because the bill will be divided among all the tenants of the building.

Optimal Location

One of the best benefits seat leasing offers is the ability to have a workspace in the heart of central business districts. Having an office in an easily accessible area will help you attract more investors and employees.

Lease Office Seats in the Philippines Today

Ezy Outsourcing Hub is here to provide you with exceptional office seat leasing services. You can count on us to offer fully furnished workspaces that are equipped with a stable internet connection and are located in prime business locations around Metro Manila. Talk to us for more information on how we can help your business grow.