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According to Bo Lundqvist, the President of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce, European companies are looking at the Philippines as a destination for outsourcing / offshoring due to its young workforce population.

However, the young workforce must continuously upgrade its skillset in order to meet the business requirements of European companies who are to invest in the countries.

“The opportunities are amazing, there are so many opportunities, there’s not just enough talent,” Bo Lundqvist was quoted by ABS CBN News.

The country’s IT-BPM industry employs thousands of Filipinos across service channels such as call centre roles to meet the still increasing demand when it comes to departments such as customer service. However, with the growing sophistication of business that is brought upon by technologies such as cloud computing and automation, the IT-BPM industry must nurture its workforce to cater to the careers of the future.

European companies who are establishing operations in the country has seen the potential of the young workforce and as operations expand, the need for more technical oriented personnel will arise and at the moment, the IT-BPM industry is scrambling to meet those role requirements.

With the entry of European companies, Filipino professionals who are qualified to join these organisations can benefit from the transfer of technology and the standards to which operations adheres to.

“Europe does not have a young workforce so we focus very much on technology,” said EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen, who also has a chairman role EU-Philippines Business Network.

Guenter Taus, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines president stated an example where the government and its educational institution plays an essential part when it comes to technical development of fledgling professionals where in Austria, government offers free courses to graduates to help them qualify for better career opportunities.

For the country’s IT-BPM industry to leverage its young workforce, there must be considerable investments be made on the skill development of its human capital to match the modern business skills requirement of global businesses.

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