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In looking for a serviced office in a prime location, Ezy offices offers locations that are both accessible and have breathtaking views to inspire employees and motivate them to work efficiently. For more information about our offices, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email contact@ezyoutsourcinghub.com.


Choosing offices is often a struggle, especially for businesses that have budget restrictions. Luckily, the trend of serviced offices is growing, increasing the number of office space providers in the whole world. In the Philippines, office take-up is growing. This means that there is more land available for the office space industry.


After finding out about the advantages of serviced offices, it’s now the perfect time to run through the things to consider when choosing one.


  1. The type of office set up

There are two types of serviced offices available in the Philippines. And it’s the business responsibility to choose on which working environment they work better and which working setup fits their budget and current business standing.


Co-working space — this type of office space set up offers a space that different businesses work in. Very popular among freelancers and entrepreneurs, there are chances to have a seatmate that you don’t work with or belong to the same office as you do. The leasing terms of this office set up is flexible, meaning payments can be made every month.


Private serviced office — a perfect solution for every business size because this office set up offers privacy, Compared to the co-working space set up, a private serviced office offers a private space that only employees of the business will be together in the same room. Everything is included, which are maintenance, security, utilities, workspaces, furnishings and more.


  1. Office location

In terms of searching for the perfect office location, serviced office providers already have the list shortlisted for you. There are dozens of serviced office providers who have their unique listings of office spaces in different central business districts in the country.

All the business has to think about is to choose on the list given by the service provider and consider the following:

  • Is space accessible?
  • Will this be a commute-friendly space for employees?
  • Will clients are able to travel to this space with ease?
  • What are the establishments nearby?

The office location plays a vital role in your business success. Oftentimes, clients come to your office for meetings and business proposals. So, if your office is not accessible, then you’ll find a hard time making them come to you, as well as your employees.


  1. Business growth

Businesses, especially startups, always find a hard time in determining their future. These types of businesses struggle with knowing the exact space they need when they start to grow until next year. When the business does grow, it would be hard to be stuck in a 1-year contract for a specific office space.

Fortunately, the plug-and-play nature of serviced offices offers flexibility for the tenant to scale their operations up and down at a whim.


  1. Office functionalities

Getting an office is not all about the size of it, but also the functionalities it can offer the business. Here are some factors the business should consider in terms of functionalities:


  • Is the layout perfect for the business needs?
  • Is the meeting room big enough?
  • How accessible is the office?
  • What client services should I get?


  1. Budget and Costs

Serviced offices have a different payment scheme compared to traditional office spaces. In serviced offices, there are no necessary upfront payments except the necessary deposit. On top of that, serviced offices are using a flexible payment scheme wherein they invoice tenants with a fixed fee every month, This fixed fee already includes everything, including the cost of rent, business rates, services, utilities, serviced office staff, security, maintenance, and more.

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