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Brand success is traditionally attributed to popularity and its sales bracket. As technology improves and allowed the use of collaborative technology for workgroups, the market has seen an influx of startup brands that are hungry, agile and more importantly, armed with new ideas.

With more brands being put up by startups and small teams, market diversification allow for a healthy competition and in truth, the benefit is geared to only the customers. The reality is that traditional brands that are often the giants when it comes to their respective industries are seeing a very different landscape compared to the many years beforehand.

Today, being agile and flexible help brands to be in a better position to realize opportunities and to act on it. This is where the leaner aspect of operations requires a streamlined yet flexible environment to be able to compete with other brands, who are also deploying agile methodologies.

When it comes to operating in a lean and agile capacity, outsourcing has become a viable option for brands as it allows them to focus on their business decision making and building their network as outsourcing alleviates costly tasks that are offered by pricey agencies and unreliable freelancers.

In order for brands to be profitable, they must shed the cost of several facets within their deliverable cycle. Below are the brand works that can be outsourced as a service today:


  1. Digital Engagement

Digital presence is a must for brands as it nets exposure and presents the modern way of engaging with your target market. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow for real time interaction where potential customers today are more inclined to message or comment their inquiries rather than call you by phone. If you’re a startup brand, outsourcing digital engagement through a digital assistant will allow you the time to focus more on brand building while your social reputation when it comes to engagement is secured as there is a trained digital assistant manning your social pages and is constantly responding to your audiences.


  1. Digital Management

As you progress deeper into media relations and digital marketing, you will start to feel that often, time is a luxury when it comes to the delivery of creatives in order to execute the digital awareness campaigns that you have previously envisioned. As the founder of a startup, your focus is not limited only to marketing and its needed collaterals as other aspects too, are in need of your attention. These include, finances, talking to potential partners and reaching out to the community.

In other words, no one is a one man brand and it takes an organized team to fully manage a brand and see to its development. This is where outsourcing allow for the successful intake of creative managers or creative professionals that can be an asset when it comes to the deployment of your marketing collaterals for both online and offline.


  1. Content

Blogging is important as self-publication tells your ongoing brand story. There will be times when you won’t have the time to write all your upcoming activities and post-event coverage. This is where the intake of talented writers comes into play. With the proper alignment of marketing calendars and your brand direction, these outsourced writers can tell your brand story while you engage with other meaningful tasks related to PR.


Brand owners and startup business owners often face the challenge of time versus doing everything. The key is to deliver as much as possible while still having both the energy and time to focus on growing the business instead of being grounded into a daily loop cycle. This is where Outsourcing has become an asset for brands where outsourcing allows them to intake talent and expertise at the fraction of a cost compared to hiring a full creative agency.

Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers talented remote professionals across creative and digital services for brands. Outsourcing remote staffing in the Philippines is proven to be more financially secured compared to hiring freelancers and it costs less compared to creative agencies. For inquiries call AU 1300 77 88 62 or PH+63 917 5680402 | +63 917 5166897 or email us at

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