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The Philippine BPO industry may have experienced a bit of a downtrend, but the country is ready to get back on its feet and start progressing as it already surpassed India when it comes to the greatest number of outsourcing offices. Aside from Metro Manila, the Philippines is also opening its doors to other parts of Luzon, and its other huge islands — Visayas and Mindanao.

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The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in the Philippines is growing despite the changes in policies and shifting of landscapes of the economy and technology. After years of being established in the country, the industry has flourished and even surpassed India in terms of the number of most outsourcing offices.

Leading industry experts confirmed the development, saying the Philippines will stand up and progress starting the end of 2018 onwards, according to a report by The improvement is all thanks to the relationship of the country to other BPO markets in different countries, which are obviously bigger than the Philippines. Among the markets are said to be Australia and the United States. Aside from these markets, local agencies also played a part through their continued support.

Despite all of this support and changes, the Philippines has already set an image to the world as being one of the best outsourcing — and even business — destinations in the world. So, what makes the country perfect for outsourcing?


  1. High English Proficiency

When it comes to English proficiency, the Philippines is the go-to place. Filipinos study the English language since they step into school, and even until they graduate from college. It is embedded in these people that English is a language that will connect people and open more opportunities within the country and abroad. When it comes to numbers, the Philippines is actually ranked third in literacy rate, which is an impressive 96.9 percent, and has a neutral accent that is perfect in any country.


  1. Affinity to Western Country

Filipinos are known to be resilient people, allowing them to adjust easily to changes in culture and environment. Aside from this, they are close to western culture as people from the west instilled their cultures and values.


  1. Pool of Talents

The Philippines produces thousands of college graduates every year who are ready to work their way into the top position they’re aiming for. This means the country produces a steady pool of competitive graduates who are ready to be deployed and work.


  1. Low Costs

Lastly, the Philippines is known to have lower costs compared to its Asian neighbors. That’s why more businesses are looking for office spaces are both land and employee costs are low but high quality.

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