Serviced Offices A Clean and Productive Workplace in the Pandemic

From last year, work from home setups have been the norm as the world grappled with the pandemic. The result is that most workplaces had to be deserted as employees were mostly working from home. A year later, the working population is doing much better even against the volatile pocket outbreaks here and there as vaccination is gaining full steam as well as business owners, property managers and facility administrators now have the knowledge in keeping the workplace clean and healthy through protocols, policies, cleaning procedures and the routine disinfection of facilities.

Serviced offices have stepped up their cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting efforts in order to provide a healthy and productive environment. Here’s why you should consider serviced offices for your team.

  1. Flexible Arrangements – Serviced offices are modular and utilizes pre-fabricated dividers to ensure that their environment can scale up and module up with your seating requirements. With restrictions on the number of people in the premise, these partitioned offices can accommodate the mandated number of people while making sure that not all of the tenants are mixing in with one another, therefore lessening the risk of infections.


  1. Safety Standards – Serviced offices observe high protocols and policies on safety and puts a premium on cleaning, sanitation and disinfection. From temperature and health checks upon entry to health declaration means through contact tracing, serviced offices are doing their part in ensuring facility infection control and risk management. Round the clock cleaning and constant sanitation are in place to provide a safe working environment for all tenants. During work hours, constant disinfection procedures are instilled to clean and wipe out possible areas where contaminants may spring up.


  1. Accessible and Strategic Locations –Serviced offices in the Philippines are located in the most accessible areas of Metro Manila’s business districts. With restrictions in place for commuting, your employees will find it more manageable to commute from home to work and henceforth.


  1. Business Flexibility and Continuity –Serviced offices in the Philippines have the features to help support your business through flexible arrangements to scale up or scale down while offering extended services to ensure business continuity in the form of:
    • Data and Server colocation
    • Virtual Address
    • IT & Network Support
    • HR & Payroll Support
    • On-Demand Meeting Rooms
    • Desktop and Laptop Leasing

A combination of work from home and flexible serviced office locations are the key in maintaining productivity and business continuity in these challenging times.

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