Benefits of Leasing an Office Space I Ezy Outsourcing Hub

With the economy being so volatile these days due to pandemic issues, it can be difficult to make decisions in getting an office space. Buying space is obviously a risky venture at the moment, since it requires a large amount of deposit. This is why most businesses would rather opt for leasing office space, as a short to medium term goal to allow them to recover from 2020’s pandemic crisis.

But what are the benefits of leasing an office space? And what options are available for these leased spaces? We enumerate them for you below:


Leasing an office space frees up a large chunk of capital that would’ve otherwise gone to mortgage deposits. This is especially advantageous to small or startup businesses who need to keep a liquid cash flow as they strive to grow their business, at least until such time that they have more capacity to invest. Landlords of leased offices also usually handle the building’s insurance and maintenance costs, which means added savings for the lessee.


It’s important for a business to represent itself professionally to its clients and prospects by having a beautiful office space located in an accessible and presentable location. But office spaces in prime business locations can be very expensive. This makes leased office spaces a perfect and more affordable alternative. Many leased offices are situated in prime locations.


Because leased spaces have shorter contracts (sometimes even as little as one month) and flexible office leasing terms, it’s not hard to make a commitment. If your space needs decrease or grow, you can easily find another space to rent, since you’re not tied down to a long-term contract.

Serviced Offices:

 There are also serviced offices available that allow you to rent only desks, while providing meeting rooms or break out spaces for all. This usually means you’ll have to share space with another company. But this setup can also be beneficial, providing networking opportunities and a more lively atmosphere. These kinds of spaces are commonly used as BPO seat leasing as well, providing BPO’s with the easy option to obtain more desks rather than getting a new office space whenever they need to increase their agent workforce. These spaces can readily provide utilities, Wifi, conference rooms, and even drinks and snacks. It should be noted however, that serviced office spaces can be more expensive than renting a conventional office space in the long run.

As you may see in the above-mentioned benefits, leasing an office space can be a more practical and non-committal alternative to purchasing your space, especially if you’re a small, medium or startup business who still needs to gage the stability of your business.

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