Reasons To Hire Remote Staff from the Philippines

Every business looks at two factors in deciding whether a solution is right for them or not: cost effectiveness and quality. It can be very difficult indeed to have both. More than often, you will have an abundance of one these factors, and a lack in the other.

That’s why Business Process Outsourcing or BPO, the process of obtaining services from a third party to fulfill a part of a company’s business functions, has gained steady ground over the last two decades. The BPO industry is one of the top global economic drivers today precisely because businesses have realized its capacity to provide cost effective service without sacrificing quality, which has resulted in rapid growth for many.

Remote staff hiring is one of the essential services that outsource companies provide, and has gained even more importance as the Covid19 pandemic hit. This year, it continues to be the most effective solution for continued business operations.   

There are main benefits to outsourcing remote staff:

Greater access to skilled talent. Through remote hiring, you gain access to a much wider pool of talent, thereby increasing your opportunity to find exactly the qualifications you need in your workers. Geographical factors are no longer a limitation.

Greatly reduced overhead costs. Having a remote staff means you won’t have to shoulder training, transportation, worker benefits, office space and equipment, and other costs that come with having a regular in-house staff.   

Greater work flexibility. When you hire remote employees, you gain the flexibility to have your business running beyond your regular hours. Particularly when your hire offshore, you can take advantage of time zone differences. Your remote staff can continue operations, whether in customer service or in other needed functions, while you and your in-house staff turn in for the night.

Timely Output. Outsourced remote staff are monitored by your service provider, which means that work output is turned in on a timely basis. There will no be no risk for you either if a remote staff should resign, since outsource providers always have back up teams to get the job done, should it be left behind.

Now that we’ve outlined the main benefits of getting an outsourced remote team, why should you choose the Philippines as your offshore provider? Below are the advantages:

Minimum to Zero Language Barriers: Filipinos rank as one of the top English-proficient workers in the world, with an intimate knowledge of Western culture gained from many Western influences. Additionally, there are thousands of fresh college graduates every year from the IT, technology, marketing and administrative fields.

Friendly Foreign Relations: Because BPO is one of the country’s top economic drivers, the Philippines encourages foreign business. This makes starting operations convenient and hassle-free, compared with other countries.

Lower Labor Costs: Because of lower standards of living in the country, labor costs are also much lower than in Western countries. Companies are able to save on up to half of labor costs by outsourcing remote staffing services to the Philippines, without compromising worker quality.

If you need help in acquiring a remote staff in the Philippines, reach out to us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. With years of experience in remote staff recruitment and other innovative outsource and offshore solutions, we can help you gain business efficiency and growth, cost effectively and hassle-free.