BPO jobs 2018 70,000

Since automation and artificial intelligence are now on the lesson plan, companies in the business process outsourcing industry should find the time and allocate the budget so that their workforce can adapt to emerging technologies, as well as be able to hire new employees backed up with the necessary knowledge. Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers outsourcing solutions to businesses in need of highly-trained and skilled employees regarding emerging technologies, whether short or long-term. To get started, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email contact@ezyoutsourcinghub.com.

Artificial Intelligence is not a threat as around 70,000 jobs are expected to emerge in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, with $1 billion in revenues this year. According to an industry group, this is all thanks to workforces shifting their paradigms in order to integrate AI.

As reported by ABS-CBN, the Contact Center Association of the Philippines sees the BOP industry to grow by 7 to 9 percent this year — a growth is higher than the 6 to 7 percent projected growth for the global industry as a whole. A lot of companies still view the Philippines as a place to outsource since Filipinos are skilled and fluent when it comes to the English language and possess high empathy for customers and tax incentives, said CCAP president Jojo Uligan.

“We are forecasting to add another $1 billion in revenues this 2018. That translates to an additional 70,000 more jobs,” Uligan said as quoted on ABS-CBN’s report.

Reports said the government urged the industry to make sure the workforce is able to adapt to the shift to automation and artificial intelligence, which is seen to happen in a span of three years.

Meanwhile, CCAP chairman Benedict Hernandez said the country remains as the “largest destination for the delivery of contact services for the rest of the remains as the “largest destination for the delivery of contact services for the rest of the world.” Hernandez said there is a growing influence of AI on the job growths being experienced in the country. The job growth was even compared to “double-digit” expansion that happened over the previous years.

So far, information technology courses remain in demand. However, Uligan said the BPO industry is now looking for statistics and mathematics professionals to hire in positions that handle data analytics.

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