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When outsourcing is the next strategy for the business, decision makers are facing the upcoming process of transitioning parts of the business function to an outsourced setup. This includes business objectives, key performance indicators, operational procedures and the integration process.

In the traditional outsourcing model, companies established offshore operations in the Philippines that included registering as a foreign business operating locally, setting up the offshore office, assigning a pioneering team to administer operations and the commencement of sourcing staff locally.

With the progress of the outsourcing economy, its maturation into a leaner, rapidly deployable and scalable model allowed for service providers to offer a quicker way for businesses to transition to outsourcing through platform specific services. These services were traditionally based on call center functions, data processing and back office work.

As technology evolves in support of modern business needs, the outsourcing model has become more agile in terms of allocating service, resource and manpower to respond to real time business needs. One deployable service in outsourcing is the principle of skilled staffing to fill immediate, contractual and long term business requirements. Companies in the Philippines offer both dedicated and virtual staffing to fill functional roles, requirement fulfillment and query based customer interactions.

In hiring remote staff, the agile service in outsourcing has become a value based commodity that banks on both people and skill that operates on a collaboration platform. Through the use of internet communication technologies, working together despite geographic and time zone difference has become an open-ended arrangement as business managers, outsourcing providers and their contracted virtual professionals collaborate in real time to fulfill deliverables.

Remote and Virtual Staffing in the Philippines

In a study published by, there are over 500,000 active online freelancers in the Philippines and over 10 million Filipino virtual professionals are registered with the service. While sites such as freelancer boasts of millions of professionals that can be sourced in Asia, the risks that come with hiring virtual freelancers are duly acknowledged by businesses who enter in such an arrangement. As an alternative to hiring virtual freelancers, there are a lot of companies in the Philippines that offer remote and virtual staffing solutions.

Unlike the deregulated market of service platforms that offer virtual freelancers for hire, remote and staffing solutions providers in the Philippines offer an accountable medium of sourcing professionals as staffing is legally binded through a service agreement. Under such setup, the hired staff is well defined in terms of function, role, responsibility and assignments.

Businesses who hire companies that provide remote and virtual staffing that are dedicated to a mutually binding service agreement, enjoy the following benefits as guarantees;


  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Fixed Number of Personnel in Dedication to Role and Responsibility
  • Quality on Delivery
  • Strict Performance Measurement and Assessment
  • Privacy and Business Information Non-Disclosure
  • Succession of Role and Responsibility as Per Fixed Deliverable Agreement
  • Competitive Rate on Skill Brackets


Contracting an agreement with a staffing company for remote and virtual hiring allows businesses to invest fewer resources when transitioning to an outsourced setup as it bypasses the traditional steps associated with the setup of an offshore branch in another country. It lessens the risk in terms of resource allocation when it comes to setting up offshore operations. It allows flexibility for companies to invest minimally on outsourced roles, but leaves room for scaling up, depending on business needs.

Ezy Outsourcing Hub is a trusted provider for hiring remote and virtual professionals. Through a gateway service model for outsourcing, we can assemble a dedicated team of professionals to service business needs and deliverables. Assemble a team of skilled professionals based on current business needs and still have the option to scale up or ramp up resource in times of business expansion.


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