Leechiu Property Consultants reported that by the end of the year, when the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOS) sector fill in an estimated 450,000 sq. m of office space in Metro Manila, it will rise as the top office space occupier in the region. This will leave the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry, which held the top stop of almost 2 decades, in second place.

As big players like the POGO sector accelerate their growth, the competition for space is getting harder. That being said, soliciting the help from experienced office space providers could help you stand a chance to secure a spot for your business.

As you prepare to take the next steps, allow us to share our insights to help you make an informed business decision like renting an office space.

  1. Carefully calculate your projected growth
  • You don’t want to end up in a space too small for your employee’s comfort. Also, you don’t want to keep on paying for a space that’s too big for your needs, not to mention, budget.
  1.  Rental fees are only a fraction of the total expenses
  • Your operational expenses also include payroll, marketing, office supplies, and insurance to name a few. Be as detailed as possible when computing how much you would need. Prepare a budget that can cover unexpected costs too for your own peace of mind.
  1. Know what you want
  • Do you need a space that’s accessible for commuters? Would you need a parking space? What are the amenities you would like to have nearby?
  1. Know who will handle maintenance and repair
  • Ask who will be responsible for maintenance and repair works for the space you will be renting. Ask for recommendations in case you would need to handle this responsibility on your own.
  1. Consider aesthetics
  • Even if you’re only renting out a space, its overall appearance will still impact your brand. Opt for one that can help you project the image you want to adapt.

If you need some more expert advice when it comes to office leasing Philippines, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. You can contact us by phone or email via (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or

Arriving at a decision on which space to occupy to suit your business needs requires a lot of thinking. Our team can help you examine your options and even point out matters you may not realize on your own.

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