Administrative Order No. 18 which took effect in June effectively halted the application process of economic zones in Metro Manila. The ban affects projects meant to service the BPO sector since they are pending approval from the Office of the President.

Although this move highlighted the opportunity for companies to set up offices in the countryside, it nevertheless affected the supply in cities where businesses seek to maintain their strong presence.

This is a challenge for the sector whose office space requirements infrastructure and technology-wise are complex. They need all the help they can get to keep business running as usual and find expansion alternatives until original plans resume their realisations.

Affected BPOs can look into the direction of leasing an office space. They can choose prime locations in the country’s business districts to hold office in which can prove convenient for them, their clients, and employees. They can decide to lease a space on a short or long term depending on their needs and budget restrictions.

Leasing an office space is a cost-effective approach to ensure that business operations are not interrupted by external or internal factors. It provides the flexibility to choose a location to address current requirements then relocate elsewhere as the need arises.

Fortunately for lessees, office spaces for rent nowadays are anything but boring. Some even come with a view in not just one corner. That feature used to be reserved for the big boss in a closed room. Today, even those in the lower ranks can find inspiration and recharge their tired minds by just looking outside the window to enjoy the sight of towering buildings across the clear blue sky.

The ban posts a challenge when it comes to office leasing Philippines. Your business, though, does not have to suffer. Allow us to lift this load from your shoulders. We can take care of finding a space that meet your requirements. Contact (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or send a message to and let us discuss your options.

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