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The pandemic impacted our lives in ways we can’t imagine. But it also had business impacts, the same with companies worldwide. The COVID19 crisis has adversely impacted almost all sectors globally, with disrupted supply chains, country-wide lockdowns and organizations exploring the possibility of long-term and even permanent remote working. The outsourcing industry won’t deny that because of COVID 19, restrictions have been mandated by governments which limits the maneuverability of outsourcing companies regarding their services. 


The economic impact of the pandemic also influenced the buyer-consumer relationship, along with consumer behavior. With the outbreak of COVID-19, China became the first nation to ask employees to work from home, while others followed the trend to contain the spread of the virus.The continuous rise of unemployment and businesses shutting down are just some of the negative results of the virus. The sustainability of these employees relies on multiple aspects, such as the ability to adapt to new work arrangements and the willingness to work across functions.


Because of the impact to our economy, it also has impact on outsourced service providers:

Restrictions on travelling

Most of the places are on lockdown or quarantines. This restricts people from traveling, which also affects employees. Outsourcing companies rely on the workforce; if the workforce cannot work in the office because of the restrictions, then it affects the business. It has a domino effect; from the agent, all the way to the client. 

Issues in going to the office

Lockdowns also create deficiency in the workforce. People can get sick, or can have the virus but are asymptomatic, in short employees can;t go to work because of various reasons connected to COVID19. This presents a larger problem for service providers, as the clients needing the service will also be affected. This is also the result of quarantines with lockdowns, again domino effect.

Projects are put on hold by business owners

No one was ready for such a global tragedy. For this same reason, the existing projects are on hold. A huge amount of money invested by companies in outsourcing the services during this pandemic is stuck, which takes a huge toll on their profit margin. If this happens continually, bankruptcy will occur. 

Scarcity of equipment

Some outsourcing companies rely on modern and up-to-date equipment to satisfy their clients. But because of the pandemic, going to the office is problematic, which in return cannot render the services required by the businesses who leaned on outsourcing and offshoring. Though there are ways to overcome this hindrance, it still affects companies greatly.

Inconsistent quality of service provided

Face to face interaction is still different if you are using cloud communication or meeting applications. In an office set-up, you are told by your superiors and monitored closely regarding the quality of work you are doing. If the workforce of a company are working remotely during the pandemic, it poses problems and issues regarding the quality of work and service provided for the clients. Yes, supervisors and managers can relay revisions on work, or rectify them remotely, but it is still hard to convey the message of urgency towards the employee.

Although COVID-19 is a huge concern for most of the businesses around the world, it has a remarkable impact on the outsourcing companies. These companies act as a supporting cast for major corporates and depend on the proper functioning of these companies. But luckily for you, EZY Outsourcing Hub provides quality services for our clients. Yes, the pandemic is a hindrance to operate normally, but we do our best to make our clients satisfied. You can visit our website https://ezyoutsourcinghub.com/ to know more about the services we offer or you can contact us directly if you have questions and inquiries.