covid-19 global statistics

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has impacted different industries and the business market. People are now feeling the effects of the crisis and consumer behaviour has drastically changed over the past couple of months. Offshore services are affected by the restrictions implemented by governments around the globe. This has a severe effect on the efficiency and quality for service provided to clients. 


During the pandemic, leaders of outsourcing and offshoring companies needs to re-evaluate each aspect of offered services and think of a plan on how they can continue providing their service without compromising anything, especially for the client’s business.


Here are some key points that business outsourcing companies should remember during COVID-19’s existence:


Collaboration internally and externally

It is critical for offshore solutions to collaborate anything and everything with the workforce and clients. You can solve issues and concerns that your company faces during the pandemic, which can salvage the business, or better, make them grow. Collaborating ideas can also solve internal issues as inputs and advice can give each other a whole new angle regarding the hindrances the business and outsourcing company currently experiencing. 


Documentation of everything

You should document everything, even with the smallest information. Documentation is useful especially today as we need proper records of everything. From transactions, all the way to simple ideas about marketing strategies. If you have meetings, take the minutes of it and record all information that was discussed to make it available for everyone. It would be easier for other members of the company to access the information.


All should participate for inputs and ideas

It is encouraged that everyone from the team and company should contribute to all aspects of the business. Contributing and participating can boost the productivity of the company and services rendered.


External concerns are just as important as internal concerns

All issues should be treated equally no matter how big or how small. A small problem can turn into a bigger problem, and a big problem can turn into an even bigger problem. SImply saying, once there is a problem, may it be from on the client’s side or your company, everything should be addressed with urgency.


No Unwarranted Delay

Because of the restrictions implemented by the government, there can be delays to certain projects, reports, or services. It is unavoidable because of the crisis, but you can minimise and maintain proficiency and productivity for the clients. Always remember that a client’s request or order should be prioritized above anything else. Causing any delay can hurt the confidence of the client on the outsourcing company. 


The virus posed a huge economic impact for all nations around the world, and offshoring and outsourcing companies are one of the industries affected by it. It is imperative to know the impact of the virus so that we can know how to counter the negative effects and convert or turn it into something positive. 


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