Man holding business newspaper during covid 19

During the pandemic, we are faced with different problems and issues in every aspect of our lives. These concerns hinder us from doing what we need to do efficiently because of the restrictions, limitations, and rules provided by the government, but of course, it is for our own safety.


Our daily lives are definitely affected by COVID-19, from our work all the way to entertainment and leisure. Hence, people can’t even travel from one place to another without being paranoid or without being asked what is their business there. It is simply limiting and restricting – the new normal. Because of these new standards of living during the crisis, there are issues that businesses have to withstand. Outsourcing and managed services has the same problem as other industries, if not even more.


In this article, we will tackle the 5 key issues when it comes with outsourcing and managed services.


A limited selection of manpower

The pandemic restricts employees in going to their respective offices, which definitely affects a company, especially for outsourcing companies. How can we outsource jobs if the people we need for the position cannot go to the office nor have the means of transportation because of it. The lockdowns have limited job seekers to apply for their jobs because of transportation concerns. Yes, companies can hire or work remotely but it has negative effects which will be discussed on the next item.

Working remotely has its downside for other employer/employees

Yes, working remotely or working from home is a solution during the pandemic. It has its own merits, but it also has its downside. First of all, employers can’t monitor their employees real-time. Secondly, employers solely rely on the honesty of the employee regarding their work. It depends on how you look at it or the results of the new setup, as long operations are not inhibited, working remotely can work for your business with full cooperation of the management and workforce.

Hindered physical operation

Some managed services require physical attendance which can be difficult and dangerous during COVID-19 existence. Even offices require maintenance, if people have difficulty going to the office, then surely, the physical operation would be impossible to do.

Finite selection of clients

Not only are the outsourcing business or managed services affected, but also the clients that these companies cater to. These clients either closed down during the pandemic or stopped acquiring the services because their business is affected by the virus. Hence, the number of clients has decreased dramatically.

Inconclusive stability

Nothing is stable during the pandemic, even the economy is drastically affected. Because of the finite selection of clients, the stability of a business is influenced whether the company or business can sustain the operations needed.


Whatever happens during the pandemic, here at EZY outsourcing hub, we continue to strive for greatness and continue our day to day operations to provide quality services for our clients. If you want to know more about us, you can visit for more information on what we offer or you can directly contact us if you have questions or inquiries.