There has been constant fear what will happen to call centers once they adopt artificial intelligence. However, a business process outsourcing sector expert said there is nothing to worry about. Outsourcing advisory firm Outsource Accelerator founder Derek Gallimore said the ones who are thinking about artificial intelligence as the downfall of call centers are missing something out — the fundamental facts and context of the matter. Gallimore also noted that instead of slowing down, outsourcing has a bright future ahead of it, along with stronger growth potential than before, according to a report by

“People may not realize it, but this isn’t the first time that the Philippine labor market faced a formidable rival intelligence and prevailed,” Gallimore said. “When the Philippines entered the call center industry, India was the dominant player,” he continued. “Yet the Philippine call center scene grew exponentially and surpassed India’s within five short years.”

Regarding the element of customer care, Gallimore pointed out two things: it is the advantage of the Philippines against Indian call center competitors; and this is something even the best AI systems cannot replace and automate.

“If it was so easy to systemize that intuitive level of service, India would have copied the Philippine style and neutralized that advantage years ago,” added the outsourcing expert. “You can’t tell me that coders armed with machine learning are going to replicate and surpass what the mighty India could not.”

The current technology of AIs is said to handle calls faster and with fewer errors than its human counterparts. However, customer service AI creators and users shared their experiences with it, admitting that these platforms still haven’t reached a level of “sentience” that is needed in handling complex issues. With this, the alternative is to outsource to a country with low costs and a skilled workforce. Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers outsourcing services in the Philippines; hence giving businesses to have an access to a talent pool of skilled, English speaking professionals, while having to pay less than their local employees. Call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email for a quotation.

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