The Philippines and Australia have traditionally enjoyed a warm diplomatic relationship where many businesses from the land down under have also established offshore operations in Manila over the years.

In the age of rapid globalization and cultural absorption, Australian companies that are seeking to venture further into the East Asian markets and continental Europe are making the first step by establishing a presence in Manila, right at the heart of Asia and the Pacific.

Australia’s Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely, recently cited the country as a hotbed for Australian activity when it comes to business.

The Business Mirror quoted Ms Gorely “And we’re universally positive about Australia’s business operations here in the Philippines,” citing that there are around 280 Australian businesses operating in the Philippines.

The esteemed ambassador also cited the level of empathy and communication skills by the Filipino contact centre agent when it comes to delivering customer service over the phone. Ms Gorely described how Filipinos over the phone can relate; empathize with her fellow Australians over the telephone.

Currently, big businesses from Australia such as ANZ, Aspen, Crone Partners, Macquarie Group, QBE and Telstra are among the pioneers when it comes to offshore operations in Manila.

In 2015, the two way bilateral trade between Australia and the Philippines was valued at a worth of AU$3 billion ($2.40 billion).

Cross-migration figures between the two country estimates that there are over 15,000 Australian that are residing in the Philippines while there are also over 250,000 Filipinos that are residing in Australia.

Despite the challenges faced by the global business economy, both countries have a strong domestic buffer when it comes to absorbing shock and as Ms Gorely would describe it, the Australian – Filipino ties when it comes to business and domestic trade is up for an “exciting year”.

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