There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big paradigm shift when it comes to the platform of converged Business & IT systems. The rise of platforms born from AI research such as chat bots, machine learning and artificial human linguistic voice applications have given worries to the local IT-BPM and BPO industry as AI poses a threat to the country’s global place as an outsourcing destination.

As machines and intelligent systems are getting better when it comes to emulating several workloads of the human capital such as voice operators and data processing, there is a projected paradigm shift for careers where robotics may replace several jobs we know today. This is the theory that holds credence as the common ATM we see today, have dramatically cut down the bank teller jobs by the turn of the century.

However, in the recent Tech Room Conference hosted by TELUS, experts stated that AI is and will be seen as a competitive advantage by businesses and this is the factor on why businesses are integrating AI and its several components into their current business platform.

“The biggest reason why companies are adapting artificial intelligence is because of competitive advantage,” said Mario Domingo, founder of Porfolio of Fintech and Healthcare Technology Ventures who was quoted by ABS-CBN News.

While the fear of AI has been more so justified by previous news outlets and industry spokespersons where it will replace several jobs commonly found within the Outsourcing & BPO shared service levels, the disruptive notion of AI must be given within the context of business development where it is assured as the next evolution of systems.

As AI looms as a large enterprise platform that will transform business processes as a we know it, the Philippines’ human capital within the IT-BPM and BPO must be cultivated in order to be up skilled to service the upcoming jobs within the automation revolution. It is given that AI will transform the job and career market where several entry level and manual data processing positions will give way to an efficient processing platform that is governed by AI.

IT-BPM and BPO companies in the Philippines must respond basing on its potential for growth rather than view AI as a potential for contraction. With AI and its governance, new service levels and niche economies, the potential for the Philippine based BPO and tech companies are great as the next solutions to the AI guided business processes are within the nurture hub of today’s tech & BPO scene within the country.

“If you want to leverage on artificial intelligence, you have to be hosted by a larger company with a vision and the impetus to drive innovation forward,” Mario Domingo stated.

The country’s IT-BPM and BPO scene can thrive within the automation age provided that the industry innovates and formulates solutions rather than resist the wave that is sweeping global businesses as we know today.

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