HR technologies 2018

The past few years have provided the Human Resource (HR) team development. With the advancement of technologies, it has helped with the workload and workflow of the human resource professionals. They can choose different software available that can help them recruit, track, onboard, manage, and even perform payroll duties. And here are some of the notable ones.


  1. Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

ATS is a type of software that helps the HR team handle the recruitment process electronically. The process of posting, storing and sorting of employer’s criteria and even sorting resumes can now be accessed and done online, making the team work faster and lessening the hiring process time. Examples of ATS are ApplicantPro and Interviewed.


  1. Talent management tools

A software that provides assistance for the HR team to handle talent. Digital talent management tools help in different areas, such as recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management. It will help enhance the coaching and communication and increase employee engagement while saving time and money. Reviewsnap and PerformYard offer these tools.


  1. Performance management software

A company is usually composed of more than one team. This is why performance tracking is such a tedious task for the HR team. With the use of a performance management software, the HR team can now easily track employees’ performance from their first day up to their last day at work and establish objectives for them to follow. Software such as Ascentis and Engagedly offer these functions.


  1. Training management software

Applications under this type software perform tasks regarding the training of employees and their education programs. It can be used to train employees in a more fun and interactive way while being able to quickly produce documentation of completion once finished. The HR team and employers can use applications such as Lantera and Litmos for this purpose.


  1. Self-service systems for employees

These systems let employees have access to their accounts and take care of their own tasks that are related to human resource and their respective jobs. A number of these systems allow employees to update their personal information, have access to view the payroll and schedules without the need to approach the HR team. Examples of these systems are Sage and TrackSmart.


The HR team is responsible for tasks regarding the recruitment, performance checking, resume organization and more for the company. These tasks as time-consuming and tedious; therefore their time for other tasks are being taken up. With these new types of software that are dominating the HR field, they are now able to perform efficiently, interactively and better.


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