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Once the Kaspersky Lab AO expansion becomes a reality, new jobs will be opened. This expansion may definitely pave the way for better security for the Philippines as the government is planning to have a safer internet for its countrymen. In line with this, Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers philippines offshoring solutions that are aligned with the safety procedures of securing operations of clients within the Philippines. For a quote, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email


Everywhere, security is essential. Even in the online world, everybody, most especially entities that hold sensitive information must invest in different measures. So far, the Philippines is opting to get a strong partnership from a world known multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider in order to make the Internet safe for every Filipino. As for one provider, this is an opportunity into expand to a new territory.

As the Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab AO plans to expand their footprint in the archipelago, the provider will also open up an office in the Philippines. GMA News Online reported the company has now hired two Filipinas to spearhead the operations in the country. The two new employees for Kaspersky Lab AO are Eunice Quilantang as a pre-sales engineer, and Mary Grace Villegas as a territory manager.

The firm’s managing director for Asia Pacific Stephan Neumeier said this is the next step in starting an office in Manila.

“The next natural step in order to order to support and maintain this business is an office and legal entity. It has to be in Manila,” he told GMA News Online.

“We only have two people at the moment in Manila. We have a very strong partner network underneath our distributors but currently no office, so the first office that we are going to open is most likely in Manila,” he added.

Mr Neumeier did not disclose any further information regarding the timeline and estimated costs needed for the construction, but he cited there is optimism in the Philippine market.

“[As] part of the Southeast Asia region—which is currently the number two region within Asia Pacific—from a revenue point of view, the Philippines is growing significantly for us,” he explained.

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