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Finding the perfect office space takes time and effort. Every type of business experiences the stress since there are a lot of factors to consider. However, startups experience the biggest blow. Mainly budget constraints, they carry the burden of the hurdle. The search can take months or even years; others opt for renting a condominium unit in order to get started. For this common dilemma, we got the answer: Serviced Offices.


Serviced offices are different from the traditional office approach since it gives more freedom and flexibility than the traditional approach. A growing business needs a professional environment where creativity, teamwork, and friendship are promoted. This is all present in a serviced office, along with these benefits that help boost startup businesses.


  1. Freedom and Flexibility

Startups are like volatile assets; they can be performing well today and flunk some sales tomorrow. The unpredictable and strict nature of their budget makes it hard for them to find the perfect office space. A serviced office is perfect for this office setting since it lets them choose how long they going to stay, whether short-term or long-term.


Moreover, serviced offices provide freedom of startups to size up or down their operations, meaning they can add or removes seats anytime they want. They can also easily relocate the business to another location under the office provider or pull out without any fuss. Everything all boils down to the growth of the business.


  1. Facilities available

Serviced offices are not empty spaces located in strategic office buildings. When an office space provider offers a serviced office, it is already equipped with the necessary equipment to start the work day—all that is left is the employee to show up for work. This makes it easy for startups since the equipment needed is already available for them to use; all are included in the payment of the lease. This includes all office furniture, workstations, utilities, and maintenance.


Meanwhile, leasees can also use the facilities available on the floor, which depends on the serviced office provider. For leasees under Ezy Outsourcing Hub, they have access to meeting rooms, ergonomic furniture, around-the-clock IT support, around-the-clock security with Biometrics, high-speed internet, telephone, electricity, lighting, security, reception and maintenance teams.


  1. Strategic Locations

Your office address is important and helps the business grow, especially when placed in a strategic location. Serviced offices under Ezy Outsourcing Hub are located in business districts within the city, and are near transportation hubs, establishments and the city’s nightlife. This will make it easier for startups to invite their prospects over and conduct a meeting in the available meeting rooms, or let employees have access to food, entertainment and easy commute to and from the office.


  1. Potential Networks

A serviced office is just one of the serviced offices available on the floor; there are also other businesses leasing on the other serviced spaces available. Every day, startups, or other businesses for that matter, have a chance to strike up a conversation with a like-minded professional or entrepreneur that can help the business open new opportunities, create mutual, beneficial relationships, and increase the business network.


Looking for the best office space can be tiresome at times. For startups lost in the process, they can choose serviced offices to relocate the business for it offers tons of benefits, and is perfect for the budget. Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers serviced office leasing Manila for international business eyeing for business opportunities in the country. Our service offices are located in strategic locations within the metro’s business districts and are near different establishments—residential and commercial; therefore, making it convenient for employees and clients to travel to the office. Interested businesses can call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email to get a quote.

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