Choosing the right workspace is a big decision. Organisations need to consider different factors first before starting to search for the most suitable business environment. With all the choices available, two of the best options revolves around serviced offices and co-working spaces.

Minimising costs while gaining the advantage of client acquisition is part of the top reasons why businesses want to change locations. And that’s why serviced offices and co-working spaces are the perfect choices for a new office place.


What is the Difference?

Serviced Offices

When the priority is all about the availability of equipment, serviced offices have everything an organisation needs. From workstations and meeting rooms to stable, high-speed internet services and stylish pieces of furniture, all that is missing is the organisation working. Basically, it’s the organisation’s own private space, but with the necessary equipment.


Co-working Spaces

In contrast to serviced offices, co-working spaces are shared spaces; employees will work with people from other companies who are also renting in the same area. When it comes to cost, organisations will only pay for the areas needed, such as the number of workstations or how long to use the meeting rooms. Meanwhile, other office space sharing businesses roll out a membership fee that provides access to several services.


How to Choose?

Both serviced offices and co-working spaces have its advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to what the business wants and needs at the moment and its future goals.


Gather the team and talk about these key points to come up with a better business decision on this big move.


  • Privacy – Is the organisation willing to work with other businesses in the same room? Are there sensitive documents that only C-suite employees should see?


  • Employees – Choosing the office space also concerns employees in terms of the numbers the organisation has. Speak with the team if they’re willing to relocate to a new area before finally deciding.


  • Personalisation – Is there a need to invest in a different office theme in the future? Both office spaces are restricted when it comes to redesigning, but some serviced offices allow slight modifications in their offices.


  • Networking and Collaboration – The aspect of networking works on both types of office space because there are other businesses present on the office floor. However, collaboration and community building are more present in co-working spaces because of the absence of office walls.


  • Other Additional Services – Some serviced offices have additional services than co-working spaces and vice versa. It is best to weigh in the options.


Yes, the Philippines is still facing a crisis because of the current pandemic. Some areas are still on lockdown, leaving the streets empty. However, once the country transitions from the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine to General Community Quarantine, there will be more work arrangements, and may allow several offices to work on office spaces while maintaining social distancing.

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