woman working remotely

There is no doubt that the pandemic has drastically shifted business processes toward remote work, and although traditional office space rental may not become obsolete, it will definitely continue to see a decline in demand in the next years. At the onset of the pandemic, remote work as the only option for continued business operations posed great challenges for many companies. But as online processes were slowly established and improved, there came a reported increase in productivity, which remote work setups have so far resulted to on a global scale.

Thus, the effectivity of the remote work setup has been creating new workplace trends. Some of the major trends expected for 2021 are enumerated below:

Digital Transformation Will Further Accelerate In Pace

Company spend on digital technology upgrades is estimated to double between 2021 and 2023. Contactless solutions, which don’t require face-to-face communication, will rise as well, along with advanced analytics that are both predictive and prescriptive, to help businesses assess data for more effective solutions.

Cloud Computing Will Become More Utilized Than Ever

Forrester predicts a 35% increase in the public cloud services market in 2021, due to businesses continually seeking easier solutions for their remote workforce to connect with each other. Private cloud services will be offering attractive packages as well, to entice businesses to use their brand of technology.

Cyber Security Will Remain A Top Concern

The downside to remote work setups is that security breaches caused by remote workers becomes more often experienced. Some businesses have started to rely on virtual private networks (VPNs) to address these vulnerabilities. Experts, however suggest that installing a zero-trust security system with higher restrictions in accessing files is the better option.

Low-security systems for remote workers, malicious emails opened by employees, and limited mobile device security will be a continued challenge for businesses in the next years.

More Reliance on Automated Tools for Information Management

The integration of data management systems that employ AI technology to analyze multiple sources of information will be growing at a faster rate than ever before, to maintain the efficiency of the remote workforce. Business will want to support their remote processes through more artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

These then, are the major trend shifts in business processes that companies should know and start working toward solutions for in 2021. For advice and support on the most updated and innovative digital solutions, contact us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. We have been providing expert dedicated end-to-end business solutions for years, helping our clients in gaining competitive edge for continued growth. Contact us today and join our growing number of successful clients with our support.