global outsourcing
global outsourcing

The outsourcing industry is one of today’s largest contributors to the global economy, alongside the oil and gas industries. More and more businesses have come to realize the important role that competent and reliable outsource providers have been playing in boosting company growth, which has resulted in the continuously growing demand for these services over the past two decades.

Although the pandemic lockdowns have caused difficulty in traveling to and exploring outsource destinations by yourself, there are numerous legitimate sources online, such as websites dedicated to statistical business data, which can give you just as good an idea in the offshore destination that would possibly suit your individual business goals best.

Through comparable analysis of data that you gather from these various sources, you may find that certain offshore destinations are repeatedly ranked among the top in the world… and that’s not a bad place to start.

In Asia, destinations like India, China, and the Philippines tend to be well-mentioned as the most preferred globally, mainly for their decades of experience in offshore outsourcing services, as well as a wealth of resources that have proven to be financially beneficial to companies wishing to attain a competitive edge within their industries through offshoring advantages.

The Philippines, in particular, boasts of industry giants like Google, Accenture, Amazon, and IBM all having found stable ground in running operations within the country.

Besides the lower labor and operational costs that the Philippines is more well-known for, another major advantage is in the uninterrupted government support provided toward foreign investments; making it easier to start operations in the country, more than in other destinations who may be equally competent in overseas outsourcing services but have stricter foreign regulations.

In terms of workforce competency, Filipinos have gained quite a reputable stance through time-tested offshore operations within the country, as qualified, hardworking, and dedicated company staff, with one of the highest English proficiency ratings in Asia. In the case of offshore destinations like the Philippines, lowered labor costs don’t necessarily mean lower professional qualifications.

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